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The Defence of Latham Manor

Lathan Manor was ‘liberated’ by progressive forces early in Liverpool’s independence and forms the lynchpin of the Defense of the Ormskirk front from an Eastern assault.

A mixed force defended from a Governmnet assault awaiting relief forces.

The Manor

Terrain is a large set of builidngs surrounded by trenches with intermittent cover avilable near the table edges for the attackers.




1st Free Wigan Rifles
Colonel Graham Walsh pistol armed Veteran

A company to D company made up as follows .

1 HMG, 1 LMG 2 Infantry, 1 Command Infantry

Anti-Tank Company – 2 Anti-Tank Guns + Trucks Regular

Local Defence Volunteers Militia Farmers/labourers etc:

A company 1 command /sporting rifles -3/-3

X3 sporting rifles -3/-3

B company 1 command/sporting rifles -3/-3

X3 sporting rifles -3/-3

Wigan Rifles and militia start the game dug in around the manor house the cavalry will turn up after turn 3.

Reinforcements St Helens T.A R/C Green

A company

1 x command Military rifle -2/+1

1X LMG -1/+0

2X INF military rifles -2/-1

B company the same

X2 trucks

Major Tom Jones St Helens light Horse cavalry command Regular

X4 cavalry stands armed with rifles and sabres . -1 /+1


Lt General Thomas Rogerson, Veteran, Armoured Car

North Lancs Consolidated Battalion (formed various TA, odds and sods, hospital returnees, cadets, stranded Kingsmen etc;)

A Company – HMG, LMG, 2 Infantry, 1 Command Infantry

B Company – 4 Infantry, 1 Command LMG

C Company – HMG, LMG, 2 Infantry, 1 Command Infantry

D Company – 3 Infantry, 1 Comand Infantry

North Lancs Arillery Battery – Howitzer and Truck

BUF Runcorn Warriors Consolidated Battalion

A Company – 1LMG, 2 Infantry, 1 Command

B Company – 1LMG, 2 Infantry, 1 Command

Brigade Leader Peterson, Armoured Car

NSL Stormtrooper Battlaion

A Company 2 Infantry, 1 Truck HMG

B Company 2 Infantry, 1 Truck HMG


Give a compelte choice of which table side(s) to enter General Rogerson, perhaps stil numb from sunning himself on the Cote Anglaise decided to pick on with the longest approach attacking Wigan Rifles forces.  The CO quality of the both the General and majority of his company commanders was appauling which was reflected in the erratic advance of his troops (at this point the North Lancs and Runcorn BUF.) The disjointed attack was not helped by a  North Lancs stopping to commit an atrocity (pressumably they found rebel observation posts or suspect civilians as they advanced through the woods.) 

The ragged advance

When they did clear cover – despite artillery support the battle shortly degenerated in a pastiche of the last ‘Blackadder goes forth’ as entenched Wigan Rifle machine guns stopped and then forced into retreat their attackers.

Wigan Fire begins to tell !

A moment of respite appeared by the NSL Stormtroopers trundled onto the south end of the battlefield forcign the LDV to retreat out of their trenches (despite friendly fire from a Wigan Rifles LMG to try and get them to stay in position.) Rotten luck in the form of a truck breakdown and destruction of another and rifle platoon limited their advance. Eventually however they did breach the defences to be charged by an LDV company in a surprise move.

Farmers charging stormtroopers - it didn't go well for them

Meanwhile two shattered companies of the North Lancs managed to best a Wigan Rifle Company and get over the walls but they lacked support. To make matters worse the St Helen’s Horse appeared on the southern end and  proceed to advanced on the shattered North Lancs.

St Helens Free Horse Charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........


Lady Luck was obviously feeling kind to the North Lancs as at that point the RAF appeared which together with artillery support rather stopped the ‘Glassblower’ Cavalry in it’s tracks!

BOOM!!! RAF helps wipe out charging cavalry a rare break too late for the Government forces in this game

By now it was clear that the Govenrment forces had failed to break the defence the intial battle plan being appauling (note to self don’t wargame as soon as get back from holiday.) The effort to crack this lynch pin of the rebesl defence was reduced to a mis-sized fightign patrol as the North Lancs and NSL pulled back no doubt taking Popular Front prisioners with them.


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