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Super-Hero 1st Eleven

Ok the Pakistan test has got me thinking about cricket. Tweeting to a comic-con organiser got me thinking about what superheroes would make my first eleven.

I’ve decided on no armoured suits just people with inherent super powers or no powers at all. I suspect Tony Stark would prefer to be in the Pavilion enjoying the WAGs company anyway. This is a male first eleven if I get any feedback or knocked on the head I might do a ladies first eleven or villians first eleven another day. (That’s not an inivation to knock me on the head by the way.)

Also no English/British heroes though I’ll put that first eelven on the end for a bit of fun. I’ve assumed publishers are not a problem for this so they’ll be Marvel, DC or whatever in the mix.

Naturally any Super-heroes v Super-villans cricket match will have to be umpired by The Watcher and the Guardians of Oa.

Okay here it goes:

American (including naturalised aliens) Superheroes First Eleven 

  1.  Superman – strong, courageous, intelligent enough to be patient and bollock dropping strength and speed it’s a natural. But who could pair with such an icon ? Unlikely to be bowling often as I suspect throwing planets about isn’t the best practice for delivering accurate corkies.
  2. The Flash – any one of the Flashes really, nippy as a anything so can keep up with Supers for running between the wickets. They’re also well experienced at working together. Again I can’t see him featuring much in bowling attack as he’d probably deliver too many wides.
  3. Thor – he wields a hammer he should be able to manage a bat. Resistent enough to take some bowls at the throat and strong enough to make some good boundaries.  His excuberence can deliver some speedy runs on top of what would hopefully be a good base made by the opening pair.
  4. Captain Marvel – (DC version) again got plenty of power and at this point of the batting order can make a tigerish pairing with Thor. And as the continued selection of Pietersen shows you’ve got to have a childish player in the side.
  5. Wolverine – the angry little man would be handy with the bat I reckon – like a more snarly Boycott. I also think with his agility and combat ability he would a great wicketkeeper.
  6. Batman – a good match for Wolverine, able in the field and probably can do a decent bit of spin bowling. His field skills will probably outclass many of the more superpowered players  (he hurls a lot of his gadgets.) But let’s face it he’s here as Captain – while Captain America might have the tactics, Batman has got that and the psychology and gile to make a great Captain.
  7. Captain America – able with a bat I’m sure and with that shield chucking experience no doubt excellent in the field. A sympathetic shoulder and morale boosting vice-captain for the team. He might even have experience from being stationed in England during the war.
  8. Mr Fantastic – with his stretching abilities he’s sure to be a great fielder not sure he’d be the best batsman. However when it comes to his bowling his powers should enable him to  make some amazing if still legal deliveries on the spin side of the ledger. (Any slights at well known suspected chuckers are actually incidental.)
  9. Spiderman – decent pace attack – a medium to fast seamer and probably gets a bit of swing (geddit), cracking in the field to and probably a bit of a crowd pleaser in a Hoggy/Monty kind of way.
  10. Martian Manhunter – because I love him and I’m sure Cricket is a ‘Martian Game invented by Earthers.’ Decent strength, clever and think he’d make a good disciplined bowler you could rely on him to tie up an end economically – by the same notion he’d make a good nightwatchman.
  11. The Thing – I bet Ben Grimm likes Baseball I think he would master the ball – he’s got the strength to make fast deliveries. He’s only so far down the batting order as his frame means he’s likely to get Leg Before Wicket decisions going against him. I seem him as a sledging, intimidating Merv Hughes style paceman also echoing the 70s West Indian arm breaking fat bowlers.
  12. I’m open to invitations for 12th man.

UK First Eleven

Keeping it quick and simple.

  1. Miracle Man
  2. Captain Britain
  3. Archie the Robot
  4. Blade (he is British read Mi-13)
  5. Leopard of Lime Street (Wicket keeper)
  6. Captain Midlands (all rounder)
  7. Freeman of the Armed Services (all rounder)
  8. Dan Dare (Captain & spin bowler)
  9. Captain Hurricane (bullying pace bowler) 
  10. John Constantine (Crafty, crafty spin bowler even if his fitness levels mean he’s a comedy fielder)
  11. MACH-1 (pace bowler)

Well that’s this mornings madness….


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