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The Blitzkrieg comes to Maghull!

This is the battle report folowing the orde rof battle in the previous post ‘The Forcing of Maghull Lock.’

The Mechanised battlegroup came down from the North on the main lane while the BUF Flottila sailed steadily and slowly down the canal. Several turns passed with the Maghull and Melling LDVs sitting nervously as they saw dust from the armoured column and smoke from the steaming narrowboats coming closer.

Thh Army and BUF approach

Eventually LFS reinforcments turned up – in the form of the Trade Union Tanks which trundled down the canal and promptly blew up the rear most narrowboat and it’s BUF company.

Take aim on the rear narrowboat comrades!

This lead the Matilda tank to peal of and a tank duel ensued. Modern technology won the day though one of the Leftist tanks managed to survive long enough to signnificantly delay the Matilda advancing on LDV forces, which needed mortar and BUF support to dispatch it.

The Royalists got reinfocements in the form of Cavalry who came on the Westernmost edge. All three Docker battalions did turn up, though one promptly thought better of it and retreated of table.  One formed a reserve between the bridge and the cross-roads while the other made a bold road move to take positon on the bridge facing the cavalry.

The Cavalry advanced losing some men to an atrocity result.  A short fire fight take place which the Cavalry withdrew from and then spent the rest of the game sat out of range of the increasingly beleaguered Dockers who began to get attention from the narrowboats  mortars. Their continued inaction followed by the narrowboats joining them lead to the conclusion the huntsmen, hackers and steeplechasers had retired for pimms and picnic followed by the narrowboat men joining them for desert. This did rather confuse the Dockers who had rolled a ammunition problems result and wondered by the Cavalry wheren’t charging to finish they off.

By now the BUF had occupied the Northernmost buildings. The Mechnaised unit advanced on the town, infantry dismounted and let rip.  This fire killed the commander of the Melling LDVs who promptly decided their time was best spent defending their own village and buggered off.

The Endgame

The Marines Machinegun Company by now had appeared on the East flank prompting the Matilda to engage them. The Marines managed to inflict some casualties on BUF stragglers but the contest of machinegun versus tank was no contest at all.

The Reserve Dockers had gone around the edge of the crossroad vilage and advanced behind cover to open up on the mechanised infantry who promptly charged.  By far the most damage was done to the Dockers but they held their ground and the mechanised veterans actually panicked and pulled back.

However they pronptly regained there compsure and it was tiem to end the game.

Victory points:

LFS 8 pts  (Clarky)  BUF 20 pts (Jim)

We presumed the LFS pulled out overnight and the BUF celebrated the capture of Maghull. They are closer to Liverpool proper and the Ormskirk is starting to look like an isolated pocket. 

The BUF are covninced by blitzkrieg warfare though some of the more radical BUF are disgusted by the ‘artiso’ cavalry’s performance.


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