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Fall Of Ormskirk (Order of Battle)

Since the Ormkirk pocket has been increasing cut off by Government victories in Magull, Melling etc; The Free State has gradually reduced the garrison of the town. This battle which is contempraneous with the  attempted ‘Escape from Ormskirk’ of the last quality units (Manucian and Salford armies in exile.)

The idea for the rebesl is to inflict as much damage on the Governemnt attackers as possible. The Governemnt need to be seen to be in full control of the town with no resistance.

Orange Urban, Grey = route march capable roads

Free State Forces (all on table)

Ormskirk and Area Anglican Defence League Fencibles Worker’s Army (IPL) South Lancs Resistance, Ormskirk Local Defence Volunteers have stayed put backed by a penal unit of machine gunners under Commissar guns. they have with them two ‘Scalliwag Squads’ from the Amagumated Liverpool Free Intelligence & Espionage Service (ALFIES) who are effectively commandos.

Both Scalliwag Squads and 1 Raw Battalion can be placed in ambush. If not discovered the Scalliwags can be brought ona as reinforcements (in ambush location) but the raws will cower till its all over.

The ‘Scallies’ have also placed one IED in one the buildings (well surplus and unstable muntiions have been stroed ina basement) – set off as per AK-47 rules.

Commander Chairman of the Parish Council Terrence Roland (Green, Military Rifle)

Ormskirk and Area Anglican Defence League Fencibles

6 Military Rifle (inc command)                                                  Raw

Worker’s Army (IPL) South Lancs Resistance

6 Military Rifle (inc command)                                                  Raw

Ormskirk Local Defence Volunteers

6 Military Rifle (inc command)                                                  Raw

‘Traitors to the Revolution’ Penal Machine Gun Company Veteran

4 HMGs (if stand pinned or unit panics it is destroyed (Commissars kill the men who are chained to their guns. (-1 Movement)

 ALFIE ‘Scalliwag Squads’

2 Self ordered LMG/SMG/Military Rifle  Elites

‘Die hards’ selection of volunteer Snipers (individually come on as reinforcements in unsearched buildings or hills)

up to 6 Sniper stands                                                                Green

Government Forces

West Lancs Brigade, Lancashire Division, BUF Legion  (Green) (All on table at start entrenched in BUF Lines)

Brigade Leader Anthony Wikson (Staff Car)

Lancaster & District Battalion

Preston & District Battalion

River Alt Battalion (Formby, Southport & Ormskirk Companies)

Fylde Coast Battalion

Each 1 Command Infantry, 4 Infantry 1 HMG, 2 Truck (HMG element added as been in trench warfare for a couple of months.)

South Lancashire Brigade, (Regular) (Come on as reinforcements on Army Lines)

Brigadier Peter Fenchurch (Command Infantry + 1 Infantry, Truck w HMG)

2nd battalion Manchester Regiment

1st battalion, South Lancashire Regiment (‘the Excellers’)

Each 1 Command Infantry, 3 Infantry, 2 LMG, 1Truck, 1 Truck w HMG

Manchester & Salford Yeomanry (Regular Cavalry, Military Rifle) (Come on as reinforcements on Army Lines)

1 Command, 4 Cavalry Stands (improvised unti of various regualrs w Cavalry experience, highly politicised known as the ‘Peterloo Bastards’)

Roayl Artillery Battery

4.5″ Gun, Truck

Victory points

Free State  +1pt for each enemy stand killed, + 1pt if a General, +1 Artillery Gun  -2pts for each Scalliwag killed or routed (if get off table edge assumed to survive – if never appear assumed to have slinked off)

Government – 1pts for each Rebel stand killed/captured, 1 per area searched (will divy battlefield into 6 urban areas that have to have each building searched.)


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