Wild Geese & Celtic Tigers

I’ve been painting these fellows as part of a new Liverpool Free State Division to take the fight to the Facists after the fall of Ormskirk

These need some finishing but are a ‘Volunteer’ Unit of Irish Free State regualrs sent to keep England busy while the Free State absorbs the Six Counties. The reason for their Germanic appearance is simply that the Irish did adopt a German look including the Stalhelm between the war only getting more British looking uniforms with the outbreak of Wordl War Two. See below for hsitorical photo:



This is a Unit made up of ‘LMG’ platoons i.e. platoons with the rostered number of Lewis Guns and is Regular Quality it’s Organisation is as follows:

1 Command LMG Platoon

2 x Vickers Guns (HMG)

7 x LMG Platoons

The Wild Geese Battalion will be the largest battalion in the ‘Celtic Tigers’ Division.

It is to be Brigaded with the the 1st IRA (Scotland Road) Battalion (not Bootle as stated in error previously it was Scotland Road who returned an Irish National MP into the late 1920s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T._P._O’Connor thanks to Wingate from the Gentleman’s Wargame parlour for the pointer.) The reformed Liverpool Irish TA battalion completes the 1st (Irish) Brigade. Due to ideaological differences frinedly fire is possible between all 3 units.

 1st IRA (Scotland Road) Battalion will be (after losses) Regular (Civillian dress)

1 Command Military Rifle

3 MilItary Rifle +  SMG Infantry

2 LMG Platoons

1 HMG  

Liverpool Irish TA battalion (Green original unit disbanded 1922 – in regular British uniform (with Caubeen) is low on equipment)

1 Command miltiary Rifle

5 Miltiary Rifle

A 2nd (Mixed) Brigade is to consist of

A battalion Liverpool Scottish – kilted and glengarried liverpool-Scots unit (Regular)

1 Command infantry

3 LMG Infantry

5 Infantry

 All Welsh Battalion (Green) made up of:

Liverpool Welsh Free Church Council Fusiliers  – 4 Stands military rifle

Welsh Republican Army in Exile – 2 Stands SMG

Free Druid Army –  1 Stand Rifle

Free Wales Communist Party – 1 Stand Rifle

Treated as one battalion but the factions will be clearly identifiable and will friendly fire each other for first preference 

Commandant Cliffe’s Celtic ‘Mighty Red’ Reivers

An odd unit of armoured cars, motorcyle troops etc; principally held together by the eccentric leadership style of Commandant Cliffe and predominantly recruited from celts or celtic descended Scousers. I havent got all the forces yet but…

It’d feature these (built 1940 but so ugly and jury rigged will fit the ‘period’


Say a couple of stands, plus maybe an older Armoured car with some motorcyle troops and/or Cavalry and maybe a portee AT gun. It will equate to a battalion (6-8 stands) and being fiercely socialist will happily ‘friendly’ fire upon the bourgois nationalists it’s brigaded with… I’m not sure whether to go with ‘funny’ or honest when it comes to it’s troop quality 

Over time I should also get some Divisional troops (artillery, maybe more cavalry)…if the Division survives that long.


3 comments on “Wild Geese & Celtic Tigers

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