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Fall of Ormskirk – The Battle

Downtown Ormskirk...before the carnage begins


BUF forces started delivering reasonably accurate fire on the Defenders front lines from the start. The Rebel geenral had placed his raw troops in entrenched positions on the hills to the West of ormskirk where they faced the intial BUF assault. They were back by the Penal HMG company while the callies hid soemwhere in ormskirk awaiting an opportunity to ambush the attackers.

Disaster struck early for the rebesl when a HMG unit became prone making friendly fire – followed by one pinned by BUF HMG fire and then a failed morale roll. The Commissars quickly dispatched the Penal unit and that left the defenders without HMG support.

The Anglicans and rebel Co on Devil's Wall facing Flyde Coast BUF

Workers Army, LDV and soon to the shot HMGs on Gaw Hill and Clieve's Hill

With the HMGs  destroyed  that was all the BUF commanders needed to get out their whistles and rattles and command a general advance.  Reinforcmeents arrived for the rebels in the form of two snipers who took up positions on Clieves Hill.  

Combined Workers Army and Snipers caused the central River Alt BUF to rout but help came for the BUF in the form of a Thunderbolt – a mixed Flight of experiment Wellington Bombers and tried and tested Hawker Harts  devasted the Rebel centre – the Workers Army started an inglorious retreat which saw then shedding platoons as an immediate consequence and took no further part in the battle.

A Bomb Aimers view of the Air Raid on the Worker's Army

This was followed by a BUF lacnaster and District bayonet charge up Clieves Hill and resulting melee eventually took the hill from the LDV, destroying them and the snipers.. Meanwhile the defence of Devil’s Wall saw the Flyde Coast forces rout under heavy fire. This left the Anglicans the only large rebel unit on the table.

More snipers appeared in the town and one in some woods. unfortunately for him the Manchester Yeomanry turned up straight away and with a a canter into range and rifle fire dispatched him..

Arrival of the 'Peterloo Bastards' Manchester Yeomanry


As the Lancaster BUF tentatively advanced into Ormkirk proper, the Preston BUF tried to dislodge the Anglicans from Devils Wall. In a long and amazingly tenancious fight the Anglicans continued  to stand fast in their trenches untilt eh end of the battle and Prestonians borke and fled. Both Commanders agreed the Anglicans could slip away into the night and ultimately Liverpool lines and desrved to be upgraded to green/miltia status. this side of the battle included further (fighter) airstrikes and artillery on both sides.

Epic defence of Devil's Wall continues.

On the far side of the battle field the rmy General Brigade Fenchurch arrived. Unfortunately it was too good an opportunity for the Scalliways who opened fire from a Gas Works and killed him and his staff in a  burst of devastingly accurate fire. Despite his escort platoon and HMG equiped trucks returning fire they were unharmed and retreated as the Manchester Yeomanry came looking for revenge.

Tehy didn’t move quick enough being caught in the open by the Manc Cavalry. They actually managed to dispatch attacking horsemen at the lost of only half their number thanks to a bomb going off destroying a cavalry platoon and supporitng sniper fire.  The survivor retreated by the snipers kept the Cavalry pinned until they routed.

Alfies 'Scalliwag' Commandos after repelling the Manchester Yeomanry,

 At the end an Army battlaion arrived and did for the remaining snipers.

It was a touch and go battle the failiure of the regualr Army to arrive has been put down to their distaste for the BUF and openly political Manchester Yeomanry. The BUF committed a number of atrocities which suggested a certain ideaological fervour by the besiegers of Ormskirk.

 The Government won with 25 pts as opposed to the Rebels 22pts. A damn close ran thing. On the plus side the Ormskrik Anglicans will make a ‘characterful’ unit for future battles and murals of the defence of Devil’s Wall & Tommy gun armed commandos resisting cavlary in square will be getting painted on the walls in rebel Liverpool. A few ‘plot points’ like BUF/Army dislike have also been generated.


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