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Forthcoming Attractions…

Right I’m back off my holidays – I did take a notebook so there are the following fothcoming blog entries over the next month…

  • Some pre-generated player characters for Very British Civil War 1938  (VBCW38) Flying Circus Game (hopefully w artwork if I can find a cost effective commission or find the time to sketch)
  • The same for the VBCW Spy game
  • Scenario seeds (explanatory paragraphs) for VBCW38 Spy Game
  • A Map of the Fantasty Musings valley (pencils done already) with notes of the various city states
  • I’ll also do a ‘Blast from the Past’ on the Geek Syndicate website www.geeksyndicate.co.uk  on Robin & Marion
  • Also on www.geeksyndicate.co.uk I’ll be doing an article on ‘What Science Fiction would look like without Star Trek?’ (Thanks to David Wynne for the idea – check out his Particle Fiction comic here http://particlefiction.posterous.com/
  • They’ll also be a Editorial/Conclusions epsiode to Dissecting Worlds to be recorded and edited too!

Right better get to the day job…


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