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Blood on the Sand – the Raid on Fort Perch Rock !

 Fort  Perch Rock is a fort built after the Napoleonic War in New Brighton to protect the entrance to the Mersey. A picture of it from our contemporary world is shown below.


In the autmn of 1938 Lord Fandon Commander in Chief of the Government forces attacking Red forces by the Mersey allowed his mistress Marie-Claire Bazaine a ‘spin’ in a two seater Me 110 part of the  BUF National League of Airmen.  Unfortunately it was jumped by aircraft of the Oxton Flying Circus’ flying out of Birkenhead Central Park.  The pilot crashed in the Mersey but the mistress was recued by a Wallasey Corporation armed ferry and held in Fort Perch Rock while Wirral forces used her, and her knowledge of Lord Farndon’s plans as a barganing chip in begging supplies from the Liverpool Free State government.

Fort in the battle - Commandos landing on beach in front of it


Farndon dirven by lust, love and the terror if his mistress talks about his plans for a major offensive arranged for Government forces are to mount a daring raid under the cover of night using a newly formed Commando unit led by Major Ruddick to form a bridgehead . Ruddick’s men attacking in the  pitch black will also seize New Brighton Pier for forces of the BUF Cheshire  ‘Grinning Cats’ Marines Brigade. Sailing up the Dee and snaekingn up the coast to launch the attack.

Low tide, Pier to the south, Fort to the North, Pubs, Hotels & Amusements to the West

Government Forces.

Lord Farndon’s Commando

Major Ruddick .Command (Elite)

A comp 1 command, 3 inf 1x lmg (elite)

B comp 1 command , 3inf 1x lmg (elite)

C comp 1 command ,3 inf 1x lmg (elite)

D comp 1 command , 3 inf 1x lmg (elite)

All commandos equipped with smg’s grenades and grappling hooks they fail to climb wall on a roll of 6..They arrive on New Brighton beach by rubber dinghy.

A/B and C company attack the fort D company will attack the pier.


BUF ‘Grinning Cats’ Marine Brigade (barges)

Brigadier Carroll (Green)

A, B, C & D Battalions

Each 1 command ,4 infantry 1 hmg

Tower grounds and amusements in land from the pier

Free Wirral Forces

Fort perch rock Garrison.(TA)

Major Tim Smiley Regular.

A company 1 command 4 inf (All Reg)

B company 1 command 4 inf

2 fixed hmgs enemies spotted past 10” on a 5/6 roll

Aa gun crew 1 stand

Wallasey Corporation Pier Guard (parkies, deck chair attendents, police etc;)

I Command 4 inf 1 hmg (Regular)

2x stands (self command) military rifles (reg)

Reinforcements Wallasey Village Irregulars (Green)

Captain Wallace retired now Reverend Wallace.

A comp 1 command , 4 inf 1 lmg 1 hmg 2x trucks

B comp 1 command , 4 inf 1 lmg 1 hmg 2x trucks.

Mosslands Drive Technical College Panzer Platoon

 (Green) 1 x old M1V tank.

Battle Report (Short and Sweet)

Ruddick detailed 2 Companies to take the pier and  2 to attack the fort.

The attack on the pier went quickly and well. Guards were overwhelmed and the Commandos made to quickly advance across the sands while a trickle of BUF Marines took over the pier.

BUF Marines occupying the pier

  In front of the Fort the Commandos got bogged down in a fire fight with the Fort garrison.  their superior quality could not compensate for the cover the defenders enjoyed. Gradually despite many set backs they managed to dispatch the first guard company but not before a Company of Wallasey Village Irregulars had stiffened the defence and they were severely weakened.

Commandos having a hard time shooting it out with Fort garrison.

One Company reduced to one platoon  scaled the walls and assaulted the other guard company which had taken position to face the Commandos who had attacked the pier who were getting close. It was promptly deestroyed. The other weakened Commando company advanced around the Fort and ambushed a further Wallasey Village force. This pinned the Wallasey Village unit until the other commandos attacked the reinforcements and the combined commandos assaulted the fort. 

The marines were advancing in a disjointed manner across the sands and met by the Technical College Tank platoon. The green forces essentially failed to much dmaage to each other and the BUF held the tank off.

In a series of bloody assaults the Commandos took the fort and trumphed but at much cost. 3 platoons (stands) managed to retreated back cross the sands with   Marie-Claire Bazaine covered by the Marines. A narrow reactionary vicotry – what are Farndon’s plans for assaulting forces ? Can he match Bully Boyces attacks on the Ormskirk front? Only time will tell. 

Carnage in the Fort! What price for one woman.

Find out next time, same bat-blog, same bat-channel.


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