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Battle of Thingwall…first steps in Lord Farndon’s offensive

A straight forward encoutner battle with forces arriving peicemeal. As an opening gambit Lord Fanrdon has sent forces to secure the village of Thingwall.  Wirral forces allied to the Liverpool Free State have sent there own forces to prevent this…FIGHT !

Map – cross roads with intermitant cover and a village at the centre.

Special rules not Fighter air cover for government and no gun support for Free Wirral forces…

Thingwall how quiet it looks...what's this two seperate columsn converging on it?

Lord Farndon’s Forces

Lt Colonel Wallace Reginal Formby, Cheshire Yeomanry (staff Car)      Regular

Cheshire Yeomanry Detachment  Major Beeston, Cavalry Command + 3 Cavalry Rifles  (Green)

BUF Chester & District Battalion  Battalion Leader Smith Rifle Command, 6 Rifles, 1 LMG, 1 HMG (Green)

Cheshire Constabulary Western Field Force 1 Command Rifles, 2 Rifles, 4 Shotguns(Green)

Plod and blackshirts ready for the attack while Labour Legue of Youth take over the Village

Free Wirral Forces

Comrade Leader Francis Burton, Allied Welders and Panelbeaters Union (Rifle, foot)

1st Batttalion (League of Labour Youth) Workers Army (of Birkenhead)

2nd Battalion (Allied Shopworkers) Workers Army (of Birkenhead)

3rd Battalion (Allied Welders & Panelbeateres) Workers Army (or Birkenhead)

aLL – 1 Command Infantry, 4 Infantry, 1 LMG (Green)

Battle commmences

Battle Report

To start off only the BUF where on the battle field at the start and poorly led they sluggishly advanced. Eventuallyt he Labour League of Youth made an appearance and in a column of march made swift progress to the farm house. The blackshirts screened their column marching police colleagues  and then deplyed to provide supporting fire while the shotgun armed police assaulted the young reds occupying the village.

The Cheshire Yeomanry also made an appearance but spent and inordinate amount of time pulling the ‘Duke of York’ routine trotting up and down the road but never closing on the enemy.

The allied shopworkers joined the Labour kids who were figting tooth and nail with the Fuzz. The Panelbeaters also arrived on table and sugglishly approached the village while the Cheshires finally decided to close on the enemy and the BUF advanced closer and began to add rifle fire to it’s support.

It all proved too much and the Labour leage of youth borke and routed – at the same time as the police. This left the Blackshirts & Shopworkers to fight over the corpse strewn village. 

The Cheshires picked on exposed Shopkeeper troops on the outskirts of the village. They broke off when Panelbeaters reached and engaged them but ultimately the damage was done.  The Shopkeepers were driven off and while the Cheshires fleed the Blackshirts in good order and despite Free Liverpool air raids defeated the panelbeaters.

Shopkeepers on the march...

Thingwall sits in the middle of the Wirral peninsular it provides a jumping off point for an assault on the mid-Wirral ridge with it’s commanding views of Free Liverpool and Nationalist North Wales – idea for locating artillery batteries to bombard the city into submission and cut off it’s maritime life lines. Thingwall also acts as a reasonable point to marshal forces to push on to Free Birkenhead.  

Where will Lord Farndon strike next? Will Popular Forces launch an attack of their own? Find out next bat-post, same bat-blog


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