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Captains of Atlantis ‘Artwork’

I’ve scanned some of the artwork from the old Captains of Atlantis game (some of the material for which is available on the Captains of Atlantis pages on this site see top bar.)

In short it was a Hornblower/Master & Commander type technology game i.e. sailing ships and muskets but set in the golden age of the Republic of Atlantis there was a lot of occult going ons in the course of a world war with the tentacle worshipping Lemurians. The Lemurians might have turned out to be good guys…anyway here is a mock movie poster I did for the Campaign – been scanned in 2 sections:

Captains 'movie' poster

The other artwork was my attempt at ‘Osprey’ style uniform pictures – again done on big pieces of paper so in multiple scans, First some Officers (in blue as they’re Naval officers first) and Legionaries in red of the Atlantean Legions. No thought of the internet means I used pencils with little line work.

Officers and Men Atlantean Legions 1

Officers & Men Legions part 2

Here’s some of the Naval Rifles a force that was created for the invasion of Lemuria. In the scan these came out in individual portions.

Naval Rifleman References to someone being a 2nd Lieutenant and Centurion is as a Naval Rank and one's position in the Naval Rifles/Legion are different.Engineer in rain/skirmish cape. Naval Rifles' Longshoremen (logistics unit)Naval Rifles: Beach Gendarme, couple Commandos (have instead cavlary), a ICIS Penal cohort guard & penal trooper (former Admiral Edge a player charcater)


 Some further Secret policemen…

ICIS (secret police) Laision oofficers for Navy & Legions respectively

Right next enemies and I’ll end with some allies.

Enemies & allies from the Kaa-U campaign including some Lemruians 4 scans.

Lemurians on the right boo & hiss

And for this post here are the Vendrayans who are an Indian analogue Empire allied to Atlantis thnaks to the players diplomacy (and a marriage!) There feared Pachyderm Corps have enormous elephants with blackpower turrent in howdah turrents on the back!

Pachyderm troops on the right below –

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