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Very British Civil War RPG Scenario seeds…

Here are a few thumbnail scenarios for a RPG campaign based about spies/commandos for the Liverpool Free State. Mine will feature teams of crack agents made up from members of different miltias (Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, irish, Welsh, Scottish, Army, Police, Navy, LDVs, Anglicans, Black, Chinese, Jewish etc; see Army list on the VCBW pages above.) havent listed precise extraction and inflitration techniques it should be part the players and plannings and reasources might change depending on the scenarios and the enemies the players make. I would also interperse this little ‘day in the life scenes’ of queing for rations, air raids, petty thievery and bureacracy etc;

The Liver Bird has landed..

A leading BUF leader (maybe even Mosley or the King)  is visiting the Cheshire HQ at Peckforton Castle (Edwardian mock castle where Doctor Who’s the Time Warrior was filmed.) Players have to get behind enemy lines by land/air/sea deal with fragmented paranoid local resistance groups, get hold of BUF uniforms and somehow grab the big cheese and get him out or at least to a pick up point…

The one that got away?

In a major falling out between various BUF factions some of the more reactionary are removed by Bully Boyce in a bloody night which as a quid-pro quo he also liquidates the most radical BUF leaders to please Farndon and other Conservatives.  The local Socialist fractions tried an uprising but have been crushed. Word gets out that a BUF leader is willing to give up all he know for safety in Liverpool. This defection will be a cold war type scenario bluffing or sneaking  past roadblocks with an untrustoworthy and untrusting prisoner you need to keep sweet. 

Night of the Jackal

Jeremy ‘Jackal’ Jennings is BUF Brigade Leader responsible for commanding Blackshirt and Police Auxillaries on the Flyde coast.  Supported by a  blood thristy pack of Scandinavian Anti-Bolshevik volunteers (the Jomsvikings Kommando)  he is devastating the Flyde Coast and adjacent Lake district with brutal coutner-insurgency tactis.

 In order to send a message the Liverpool govenrment has decided execution is the only way forward and the PC’s are dispatched to take out the blood thristy devil.

Jennings is a suspcious and callous thug but with the mind of a fox, His secuirty regime is tight and his troops a cut above the slouching postering BUF blackshirt. The local resitance is shattered and weak. Even getting a shot will involve dedicated intelligence work under the noses of a deadly and cruel enemy.

A friend in need

A high ranking politco who has befriended them comes to players for assitance. He’s got into soem kind of serious trouble (dead tom/boyfriend, pregant girlfriend, gambling debts…have fun) and needs their help. Do the players help, if so what price do they extract and given they’re could be fromt different militas are they all on the same side? If they turn him down what enemies do they make for the future will supplies fall short, pcik-ups miss rendevous due to cusoms inspections as his friends make trouble for them?

Once Upon a time in the Lake District

An independent Local Defence Volunteer force high in the Lake District get’s word it has captured a BUF Spy with useful information for Liverpool. However the LDV have a serious bandit problem and are severely outgunned. The players must arrive with supplies, train up the locals under the watchful eye of the local leader and help them defeat the bandits in a mini-campaign before gettign their hands on the priosner. (Or they migth try and steal him or her from under the LDVs noses..their action will affect Neutrals approach to Liverpool in the future.)

You’ve got to pick a pocket or too..

Supplies are going missing in the chaos of war the audit trail is hazy. The players are charged with uncovering the soruce of supplies regualry disappearing from supplies landing in a particular dock. Perhaps there is motive other than grift at work?

Plot invovles inflitrating the dockers findign the light fingered ones and tracking the movement of supplies. Ultimately tracing the sticky fingers up the greasy chain.

Where Liver Birds Dare

It has come to Liverpool Intelligence’s notice that the they have a mole. Players can pick up hints in other scenarios and will eventually have their suspcions confirmed. Failiure to act promptly on some of the leaks suggest that the agent is operated by a senior Governemnt intelligence operator. When the handlers name comes to Liverpools notice (Maybe from the agent in Once upon a time in the Lake District)  the players have to get in an find out the mole from the horses mouth, behind enemy lines in the edges of BUF occupied Chester ! More of a smash and grab opportunity compared with ‘The One that got away.’ Break out the Tommy Guns…

The John Paul Jones Affair

Intelligence shows a major BUF offensive is being planned in the lakes. Forces are being massed in Whitehaven and for a drive inland and Northwards to clear supply lines that will ultimately mean the Govenrment forces have freer movement over the North. This can’t be a  good thing for Liverpool. 
Briefed with this intelligence the players must first persuade the various Soviets and Commanders of Naval ships they can to form a task force, them molly coddle the best militias for the job to join the mission and ultimately lead the landing on Whitehaven to devastate and distrupt the invasion force.  


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