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Steampunk Star Trek

Clearing out the garage I found this…

Star Fleet Space 1889 style

It’s based on an old strategy game I ran which in turned was based on the Space 1889 steampunk universe. The game I ran had players acting as the Govenrment or opposition of the major powers making important decisions about there nations future over 4 years turn. if I cna get the backup disk I found to work I’ll post more information. This was a bit of pencil fun based on the direction the United States went in the game.  (After Wyatt Earp and his True Union Party took over following a war with Mexico and limited invasion by Germnay – the Germany player never meet a problem he didn;t try to solve by invading somewhere.) The game was a lot of fun and a LOT of work seeing as it included diplomatic conferences in real/space time (this was before skype) so It’ll be nice to put some more of it up here.
And the perspective on the solar conversion mirror is totally off I know.

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