Scramble for the Sphere’s Turn 1

Here are the first turn results from the grand Stategy game play-by-email game I ran which took the 1876 in the Space 1889 universe as it it’s starting point. Players were either the Governement or opposition of the major powers of Europe (and therefore the world) and posted 4 year turns which I pulled together into this narrative. A long defunct yahoo group site existed where a lot of diplomacy etc; took place. Anyway here’s the first four years.

5 comments on “Scramble for the Sphere’s Turn 1

  1. Strangely enough me and Newt were discussing this over the weekend, did you know that there should be a Space 1889, book released for Savage Worlds, finally a decent official system (although I’ve used GURPS in the past which was fine, but I think Savage Worlds is a much better choice for this sort of game).

    • Never played Savage Worlds a few folks have suggested it for VCBW roleplaying so I really should check it out. Not done any RPGing for ages really got the bug but player availability is an issue.

  2. I’ve got a few other bits and bobs lying about from this, not in much order but I can send them too you if you like (I might even have some of the diplomacy/emails, both from the group and personal ones somewhere).

    • Yes please that would be ace I’m missing the collective returns for turns 9 & 10 (infact if you had the returns electronically I’d bite your hand off as scannings a pain.) Maps would be handy too…

  3. OK first zip file sent to to your email address on FB.

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