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The Massacre of Storeton Woods

Jim  my opponent and wargaming buddy is to be sure a sick puppy. He’d painted some civillian figures I’d got though the post from ‘Generalwinter’  on the Gentleman’s Wargames Parlour in a lovely outburst of unexpected generousity.

 This got Jim thinking – not always a good idea (and I’d don’t mean when he spots the fatal flaw in his dispositions just before I strike my killer blow.) He came up with a  scenario which featured ill disciplined BUF and bandit units hunting down refugees for sport & booty while Liverpool Free State & Free Wirral forces (inclduing a small cadre of Bessie Braddock’s Amazons) tried to escort the civillians off the battlefield.

Best to draw a veil I think…except to say I had the distasteful job of playing the BUF and did kick Jims behind – so in some ways he got his just deserts. No fighting this week as I have pre-BICS (British International Comic Show) quality time with the Memb Sahib but planning a decent brigade type attack in the Wirral Campaign

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