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Very British War Roleplaying – The Plan

Okay so I have 3 people interest in roleplaying on skype – I don’t know if there is any physical presence interested in the game locally but that can always be folded in at a later date (i.e. the locals play the aviator game which wouldnt work without physical references i.e. dogfights.) I think the spy game would be best covered by skype.

Given families and the rest of it i.e characters where part of an ALFIES (Liverpool commando/spy force) team &

  • skype sessions were actual missions
  • email (weekly to stop people being swamped) was used for little jobs for their ‘home’ miltiias and mission planning by the PCs
  • Hoping to start in the new year

Much as I’d love to roleplay weekly I’m aware that various commitments (i.e the podcast & reading/watching with that) makes it hard.

I think the next best thing is to chat to players about characters – I’m goign to ask people to roll up 3 that way the ‘spare’ can be NPCs to such time as there are casulaties (my game it’s likely) and then ready made replacement available.

Anyone interested from twitterverse can get my details from dissecting worlds on the Geeksyndicate.co.uk website.



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