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Battle of Prenton

Advancing from their victory at Thingwall and ‘victory’ at Storeton Government forces bring up heavy units and prepare to assault prepared positions on the south tip of the Wirral Ridge.
The Government objective is to take control of the ridge – the rebels to hold it.
General Brigadier Offwetter – Infantry, Staff Car (Veteran)
Artillery Battery – Heavy gun & Truck
Cheshire Yeomanry – Reg Cavalry 1 cmd, 4 Rifles (Reg)
All-Cheshire mechanised Battalion – 3x Bren Carriers (LMG) 1 xCmd Matilda, 3 x Infantry LMG  (reg)
3 x BUF Battalions 1 Cmd, 5 Infantry, 1 HMG (1 Bn Co also a General)
1 Bn Workers Army (Birkenhead labour party) Green – 1 Command, 6 Infantry
1 Bn Workers Army (Cheshire Socialists in exile) – as above
(in trenches)
1 Medium Howitzer, All Irish Artillery (Reg)
Company – 4 x Forest Rangers (Regular LMG)
Wild Geese battalion (Veteran)
1 Command LMG Platoon
2 x Vickers Guns (HMG)
7 x LMG Platoons
Birkenhead Bus Corporation Battlegroup (Green)
1 Bus w 2 Infantry
2 Old Tanks

Government cavalry and Armour started advancing on the westernmost ridge

Cheshire Yeomanry and Mechanised force on the Horizon advancing on the Cheshire Exiles


In the mean time the Artillery advanced down the road under the watchful eyes of the Birkenhead Battalion the Worker’s Army.

The Artillery deployed and both Battalions of the Worker’s Army retreated to the lee slopes of the hill where they didn’t attract Artillery fire.

A BUF battalion then came on and advanced down the road to be met by the Birkenhead Bus Battlegroup. Despite frequent panics and determine fire from the rebels the BUF battalion never broke and continued to hold the road, shielding the Artillery which was firing in support for them.

Meanwhile the Cavalry closely backed by the mechanised unit smashed into the Cheshire Workers Army unit.

Despite determined resistance the rebels ultimately broke but not before the Wild Geese Battalion* arrived on the scene destroying the Cheshire Yeomanry and routing the mechanised unit (which suffered large-scale mechanical breakdowns to add insult to injury.)

The Irish Artillery arrived hand pushed but was destroyed by the Government Artillery before it could deploy properly.

Two further BUF battalions arrived but hung around their  artillery anxious to close further.

Free State Bombers (maybe the Bette Davis) bombed the  Brigadier Offwetter but failed to destroy his headquarters. The Rebel Navy also opened up on the mechanised Battalion as it left the field.

Ultimately the Birkenhead Bus Battlegroup routed under artillery fire. The lead BUF battalion tried to give chase but thought better of it when the irish started to manoeuvre to meet them around Prenton. Both sides having lost their mobile arms the BUF slunk back to their lines covering the Artillery’s retreat while the rebels celebrated from behind the hills.

Irish redeploying to meet BUF advance

*’Volunteers’ from the Irish Free STate – sea green uniforms and German style helmets a historical fact look up Wild Geese & Celtic Tigers for more details.


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