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VBCW Halewood Supply Dump Raid

Jim’s written the scenario this week and it’s back to the Northern side of the Mersey. Liverpool Free state forces are to mount a daring day light raid on Halewood Supply dump weapons munitions and armour :Secondary mission is to hit the main fuel dump thus hampering government logistics. This base between Warrington-StHelen and Liverpool will be supporting government assaults on the Speke Front.

L.F.S. forces

Commander Rob Renells Regular.(Armoured car)

Garston Guerrillas : 1 command ,1 Lmg ,1 Hmg 4 inf .

A and B company including x2 trucks. Regular.


1x Artillery piece + truck Regular.

Allerton Police cavalry Green 1 command ,plus 4 stands.

1x old tank Green

Toxteth Militia 1x bus 1 command 4 inf 1 Lmg.

Government Forces.

Supply dump commander Lt Mike Smith (on table)

B.U.F Guards A /B company Regulars(on table)

1 command , 4 inf , 1 lmg ,1 Hmg.

Fuel dump guards 1 command 1 Hmg 4 infantry Regular.

Halewood Militia 1command ,4 inf 1 lmg A/B company (Raw)


Manchester B.U.F Armoured Train 1 HMG. Regs. 4 inf 1 lmg 1 command.

Salford BUF Support Battalion  2 anti-tank guns 2 infantry command-2 trucks 1 truck + 2 mortars Regulars.

 Battle Report  

Halewood over the brook – fuel dump in top right corner and ammo dump in top left.

BUF forces deployed in the buildings in front of the brook – the Village Militias around the Fuel dump in the town.  Garston Guerrillas & General advanced on the right.
Intially things went very well for the Government. the rebel advance was sluggish. Eventually the Governemnt armoured train and rebel artillery turned up. The Rebel general advanced to spot for the artillery.  Seeing an opportunity to halt the rebel attack before it began the BUF Battalions advanced – the 1st attacking the General on the railway bridge supported by the armoured train, the 2nd & 3rd crossing the brook to try and ambush the Garston Guerrillas.

Rebel CO dies

The LFS commander was killed by combined BUF and armoured train fire and the armoured train troops formed defensive psoitions in front of the railway bridge. Command of the rebel attack fell to the Garston Guerrilla’s CO who dirrected artillery fire which destroyed the armoured train and then pushed back the 1st BUF Battalion which had killed Commander  
Renells – the unit paniced after these casualties.

Armoured train in happier times...

and less happy times - supporting troops look nervous

The Toxteth troops and tank turned up  supported by the Allerton Police Cavalry which prompted a quick retreat by the 2nd & 3rd battalions – one into the lee of the hill, the other into the top stroy of the shop front behind where it could give supporting fire. In the nick of time the Salford support unit came on in road colum and advanced to the end of the town of Halewood and was able to ‘de-bus’ with it’s AT guns to fire ont he Toxteth tank and mortars to enagage the  Garston Guerrllas advancing from the right of the Railway Bridge.
Some inertia in the rebel advance prompted the 3rd  BUF  behind the hill to advance over the slope and shoot up the Toxeth unit to no avial
. The Allerton Cavlary charged and pushed back the 3rd BUF while the Toxeth unit regained it’s composure.
The AT guns were knocked out by the tank and the cavalry paniced off the 3rd  BUF battalion. By the railway bridge the artillery and Garston troops pushed back the damaged Armoured train troops & 1st BUF was totally destroyed . The depelted guerrillas  advanced towards the raw village troops victory in sight. The cavalry wheeled to support them and Toxeth troops advanced under tank covering fire to take out the BUF in the buildings. Unfortunately mortar fire took out the tank and Toxteth troops routed never to be seen again.  Governemnt aviation attacked the Free state replacement CO pausing the advance and the routing 3rd BUF & armoured train  battalion recorded sufficent to deploy in support of the milita.
The armoured train detachment took out the Garston attack though one company had refused to advance beyond the railway bridge.  Teh it’s and the 3rd BUF HMGs took out the cavalry charge at which point the Free State troops decided to pull back for a serious debrief, a tot of rum and a bowl of scouse.  

To the victors the field

Maybe the rebel cavalry could have used the space on the left of the battlefield and hit the fuel dump – or prompted the BUF to open up the centre where the Toxteth crew could have pourted through.

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