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Wirral Campaign: Free State Counter Attack

The Free Wirral and Liverpool forces are determined to push onto the BUF from the trenches they have been establishing in order to support an attack on the mid-Wirral ridge. Free state objective to take and hold the BUF trench line.

BUF Defenders
Inital Forces (in trenches/on table)
General Brigadier Offwetter – Infantry, Staff Car (Veteran)
3 x BUF Battalions 1 Cmd, 5 Infantry, 1 HMG (1 Bn Co also a General)
BUF Support Company – 1 x Mortars, 1 Anti Tank Gun
Artillery Battery – Heavy gun & Truck
All-Cheshire mechanised Battalion – 2x Bren Carriers (LMG) 1 xCmd Matilda, 2 x Infantry LMG  (reg)
‘Black Riders’ White Russian Cossacks – 3 x Vet cavalry  
National League of Airmen Company – 4 x Rifles (Green) 2 Trucks
1 Bn Workers Army (Birkenhead labour party) Green – 1 Command, 5 Infantry   (trenches)
1 Bn Workers Army (Cheshire Socialists in exile) – as above  (trenches)
Company – 4 x Forest Rangers (Regular LMG)
Wild Geese battalion (Veteran) 1 Command LMG platoon 2x Vickers Guns (HMG) 7 x LMG Platoons 
Naval Artillery Spotter Platoon – spotting for off table Navy heavy guns
Comrade General Wallace – Staff Car  (Green)
1 Medium Howitzer, All Irish Artillery (Reg)
Birkenhead Bus Corporation Battlegroup (Green)  1 Bus w 2 Infantry, 2 Old Tanks
Rock Ferry Dragoons – 2 Cavalry 1 x Truck, 1 x Anti-tank Gun (Green),
BATTLE REPORT – Bit of a short one as I was umpiring this fight with Jim (BUF) and newbie Iain (Free Staters) and so was a bit distracted.
Ina  nutshell the Irish advanced on the right and after an uneven fire fight routed the opposing BUF forces. However the Cheshire Exiles in support tended to perform the famous ‘Duke of York’ manuver up and down the ridge not getting anywhere were could trouble the opposition.
In the centre the rangers suffered heavy casualties advancing. they unsuccessfully bayonet charged the surviving mortar and AT gun of the BUF support while the BUF infantry battalion ran away. The Rangers were destroyed the Rangers and where then assaulted by the Irish advancing up the trenches. In a formidable piece of defence the mortars and AT gun fought the Irish to a standstill. Eventually the Wild Geese broke and fled back to their own lines.  
On the left flank the National League of Airmen arrived and sped down the road to take Prenton – unfortunately they were met by the Birkenhead Bus Corporation Battlegroup whose tanks shot up the Airmen destroying 50% and leaving the survivors speeding off table.  The Birkonians advanced on the Royalist artillery under heavy fire and a couple of airstrikes.
Between the Rangers and Birkenhead tanks the Birkenhead Labour troops advanced towards the BUF trenches. Their opponents pulled back under Naval gun fire. – only to be replaced by the White Russian Cossack Cavalry who charged past the trenches and put the Labour Party to the sword. They then carried on to engage the Rock Ferry Dragoon Squadron in an inconclusive skirmish before retreating after receiving All-Irish Artillery fire.
With the Birkenhead tanks routing and both side reduced to their artillery and some recovered militia units as their units of manoeuvre it was called a day. The Free state failed to take the BUF lines, but both sides where weakened…where will it all lead?

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