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The Second Battle of Moreton (Part I)

Quick recap of the Wirral which is held by pro-Liverpool Rebels on the Mersey Bank (and reluctantly occupied West Kirby and Hoylake) and in rural central and Dee side of the peninsualr is pro Government/BUF.

(That map from http://www.mikekemble.com/mside/wallasey1.html if you want more about the history of the area.)

For this Battle govenrment forces have broken through to the Irish sea in a Salient around Moreton. This serve to cut off West Kirby and a uprising there from 5th columnist combined with a BUF attack coan’t be long…unless the Free Staters break through – which they failed to do last time. Objective is for Frestaters to control the table to that end:

They have a West Kirby force attacking from the West

A Wallasey force attacking from the East

Battle of Moreton Table

BUF forces can start anywhere on the table. Their reinforcements appear on the southern table end.

Free staters come from the Eastern or Western  Table end depending.

This is a night attack so sporting is 10″ for regualrs (troop mod for range so Greens 9′)

No airstrikes artillery is avialable but only regualrs or above can spot for it at night.


Pick 2 Units & CO as stating forces for each task force rest are in the reinforcement pool.


General – Comrade Commandant Christopher ‘Cliffy’ Cliffe – HMG Armoured Car (Green)

Elements Celtic Tigers Division

Liverpool Scottish – 6 Rifles, 1 x Command, 2 HMG (Regular)


Workers Sailor Brigade –  Battalion Invergorden – 2 x Mortars, 4 x Rifles, + 1 Comannd Rifle (Green)

Wallasey Village LDV

6 Rifles Green

New Brighton Motor Grenadiers

4 Rifles Green  & Truck w HMG

West Kirby

The Right Reverard Spode-Porrit (General Truck)

West Wirral Anglican League Battalion

5 Rifles Green

West Kirby & District  Workers Army Battalion (National Union of Farmers)

4 Rifles & 1 HMG Green (Truck, if had model HMG would be on a tractor)

Hoylake Sprinters ‘Yellow Peril’ Mortor Machine Gun Squadron  (Automobile Association Anglican league Supporters) 

3 HMG Cars Green

Thor’s Rock Huscarls  (odd Nordic wiccan types)

3 Rifles Regular



Can be entrenched in starting positions

Cheshire BUF Brigade

3 Battalions EACH of   6 x Rifles, 1 Command, 1 x HMG (Green)

Anti-Bolshevik Wirral Allianceof local Defence Volunteers –  1 Battalion 6 Rifles (Raw)

West Cheshire Field Force – 6 x Police (Shotguns), 2 x Auxies (Rifles) 1 x Police Command (Green)


5th Royal Inskilling Dragon Guards – 1 Command, 4 Cavalry (Veteran)

7th RTR ‘D’ Squadron – 1 Matilda (Regular)

Royal Artillery – 1 X Medium Artillery Truck (Regular)

BUF Motor Corps Detachment – 2 x Old Tanks, 1 Truck, 1 AT (Green)


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