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Uniforms of the Clarkovian Defence Forces

(This is just a bit of daftness based on one bored night on twitter when I started out doling ranks int he Clarkovian Defence Forces to people…)

This is only a very brief summary of the 18 volumes (and 10 Appendices) the Clarkovian Defence Force uniform code. I can’t touch on field dress this is whats worn in camp or peace time duties.

The Three Main Services have the following base colours.


Winter (October to March) – Rifle Green

Summer  (April to September) – Khaki


Winter  – Dark Black-Blue

Summer – White


Winter – Blue Grey

Summer – Pale Blue 

Great coats, Parkas etc; are always in Winter colours  and  PT kit is always in the summer colours ever season they are worn in.

Shirts are always in the Summer colour even if worn with winter items in that season (so Army shirts are Khaki etc;)

There are 4 cuts of uniform depending on the nature of the particular arm of service these are:

Attacking Arm Cut: Cavalry, Armour, Fighter Command, Light Naval Forces, Special Forces, Paratroops, Alpine Troops

Glengarry style cap with piping  in branch colours or M43 style peaked soft ‘Afrika Korps’ style field cap.

Plaston Fronted waist length jacket with high collar. Plaston in branch colour. Collarless shirt not visable but worn with braces in arm of service colour.

Jophurs with riding boots or tight trousers tucked into ankle boots.

Main Arm Cut: Infantry (Army), Surface Units (Navy) Supply (Airforce) also general service units like MPs, Logistics, medical etc;

Peaked officer style or police patrol cap with band in branch colour.

Thigh length tunic with rise and fall collar.  Shirt with tie in Winter arm of service colour.

Leather Sam Browne belt for officers –  branch colour garrison belt for NCOs and enlisted men.

Tailored trousers worn over shoes or boots.

Heavy Arm Cut: Artillery, Naval Coastal Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Artilery Airforce 

Either spiked picklehauble style helmet in polished steel or Tam O’Shanter with bobble in branch colour.

Thigh length tunic with high collar worn over collarless shirt and arm of service winter coloured braces.

Tailored trousers worn over shoes or boots.

Technical Cut: Submarine Forces, Military Engineers, Each Service’s Intelligence Corps, Test Pilots, Ground Crew (Airforce)

Beret in branch colour.

Short waist length ‘ike’ style jacket with stand and fall collar. Shirt with tie in Winter arm of service colour. Leather belt with fast draw holster for officers-  branch colour garrison belt for NCOs and enlisted men.

Battledress trousers tucked into anklets worn over ankle boots. 

Branch Colours

Each branch has piping and other bits of uniform in a particular colour (some examples follow.)

Of course there are variants available such as turbans, kilts in service tartans, various length skirts etc; but there is not enough space to go into all that here.


General Staff        Maroon

Infantry                  Blue

Alpine Troops     Grey

Special Forces     Lincoln Green 

Artillery                 Red

Cavalry                    Yellow

MPs                           White


Admiralty               Gold

Submarines            Black

Surface Units          Light Blue

Coastal Artillery   Red

Light Units               Yellow

Aviation                     Blue Grey

Marines                       Green

Shore Patrol              White


Fighters                     Yellow

Bombers                   Red

Coastal Patrol         Blue

Airlift                         Black

Paratroops              Maroon

Zeppelins                Grey

AA Artillery          Purple

Air Police                White

Rocket Troops      Green

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