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A New Years Message for 2011

I’ve had a cracking year – many achievements (mainly from the wife whose lost just under 6 stone in weight this year), new friends made, the house is coming across nicely, gaming and podcast have been fun too. There have been the odd dissapointment (never made it to Kenya for instance ) but we’re addressing the things we can and  working towards the things we want. We will get there.

Some family members & friends have had tough times, but hopefully solutions have been achieved or are at hand and they’re in my thoughts. 

Anyway enough about others – what about me!

 I’m writing this to hold myself to something in 2011. It’s to be a bit more thoughtful.

By the that I don’t merely mean considerate or well mannered, though that would be part of it.

I do have a tendency to be charge at  jobs, projects and ambitions a bit like a hussar in a whorehouse and sometimes that comes in trumps and sometimes it ends up like the charge of the Light Brigade.  A bit messy. Domestically fortunately the level head of wife acts as Scharnhorst to my Blucher and keeps me on a even keel but in other areas of my life I can be a bit haphazard.

So my New Years resolution is more of an ambition.

 That ambition  is going to be to be a bit more considered, a bit more temperate and a bit more organised in how I approach life – that’s whether it’s running, gaming, career, podcasting, writing or whatever sphere. A bit more methodical and ultimately I hope with better outcomes.

Of course I’ll have to guard aganist my other extreme of indecision to the point of inertia. But I know myself well enough to be aware of that risk.

Here’s wishing readers every health and happiness and hoping for an improved and improving year in 2011.

All the best.


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