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Scramble for the Spheres – Turn 7

 Here is  Scramble Turn 7 a nasty extensive war between the British Empire and America continues to expand and get nastier

On the plus side we have the natural alliance between High Martians and the  Austro-Hungarian Empire including Rocket Cycles. Which is nice.

Right regretably this is the last turn I kept copies of so unless some secret stash turns out this is likely to be it on ‘Scramble’ which was a great but an exhausting game to run. The exhaustian is porbably obvious in how much less florid the reports became as time went on.   It’s unlikelyI have a secret stash of further material being a complusive declutterer but maybe old players might find the full summary for turns 08-10 with the subsquent rise of Communist Britain, division of Germany and associated antics.)




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