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The Second Battle of Moreton Part II

The table was made up a little differently –  the brook had dried up and the BUF had established some defenses on the North-Western end of the table.  One batalion was entrenched there while the other 2 where in L-shaped positions covering the main road. The Raw troops sat comfortably atop the hill. The Police stayed in reserve between the BUF positions.

Inital deployments

The Free Staters attack consisted of Scots and Naval advancing paralle to the coast whille the AA supported West Kirby Infantry in advance

The Wallasey attack was a little sluggish but on the West Kirby front the BUF where first pinned and then routed from there positions.  Free forces joy was short lived by the arrival of the Matilda tank platoon that routed an the Anglican League. NUF and AA units got to positions around Leasowe Lighthouse were they fired on the entrenched BUF forces but were ultimately pushed by the return fire.  The main factor in their retreat was the arrival of the Royal Artillery which with no decent spotters unlimbered  in open ground and fired direct at the rebel forces (there wil be a few medals for that battery we expect.)  Withdrawing from that fight the Police managed to enaged the AA at close range and drive off the Hoylake Sprinters.

Celtic Carnage !

Reinforcements appeared on the Wallasey front and soon a broad front was advancing. The Royal inniskilling Dragoon guard appears on the South Eastern table edge and made good progress north. The Sailors and Scots deployed along the coast railway to meet them. Unfortunately for the them the veteran cavalry managed to close the range before Liverpool HMGs could tell.  The ensuing melee left heavy casulaties amongst both Governemnt cavalrymen and rebel Scots. The Sailors withdrew in disorder. The Liverpool Scots-Irish Horsemen clash continued with no quarter asked for or given with the ki9lted infantry eventually having the worse of it. The single surviving platoon of Cavalry tried to enage the Rebel geenral but came of worse.

By now the Huscarls were retreating from their trenches under tank fire.

 West Kirby front towards the battles end

The BUF suffered froma footbound geenral and responded in fits and starts He spent most of his time ensuring badly led police actually moved where he wanted. . The Free staters didn’t close the distance quick enough and perhaps could have been more aggressive on the Wallasey front. All in all it was a good battle but how long can West Kirby remain out of Government  hands now?


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