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Battle of Breck Road (Part 1)

Having secured Moreton B.U.F Forces are advancing forces in a sweeping attack on heavily defended Rebel positions pushing in a pincer movement towards Wallasey village .Liverpool free state forces are rapidly deploying heavily armed militia in response .


Liverpool Free States

Commander Major James Johnston Regular.

Wallasey Local defence volunteer force Militia (Green)

A comp . 1 command ‘5 rifles ,1 Lmg ,1 Hmg .

B comp as above.

Liverpool Scottish. 1 command 6 rifles (Regular).

Liverpool Artillery 1x howitzer plus 1 command spotter.

Birkenhead Dock workers defence corps (Raw).

1 command 5 rifles 1 Hmg.


Liverpool Welsh Free Church Council Fusiliers

1 command 5 rifles , 2 Trucks 1 anti tank gun.

Elements of Peoples Assault Column

2x Armoured cars 2x Jeeps Hmg


Government Forces

Command Brigadier Alexander Whittington (Veteran) (car)

B.U.F Storm Troopers( Elite…)!

1 Command , 7 Rifles/sub-machine guns ,2xHMG 2XTrucks

B.U.F Birmingham Mech Unit (Green)

(1 command) 3x Bren Carriers each containing 2 inf Lmg’s

1x Panzer

B.U.F Mortar platoon’s

2xTrucks 4xmortars (Green)

B.U.F Infantry

A company 1x command 5 rifles 1 Hmg.

B company 1x command 5 rifles 1 Hmg.


Cheshire Yeomanry (Regulars)

1 command 4 x stands.


Royal Air force Available for first 3 turns as fighter support .


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