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Battle of Breck Road (Part II)

Majority of BUF forces lookign to advance at Dock End of the Battlefield

Reviewing the map – the battlefield was quite  a bit more built up. A lot of the houses in the area were built between the wars so the LFS front line was moved to the edge of the urban area. BUF forces where coming across playing fields and marsh from the East. The BUF commander decided to advance on a borad front with his elites, armour and mortars concentrated and the dock end of the battlefield. The LFS commander (me)  had  a thin line of forces with the raws and Scots on the hill of Bidston Moss/Tip  and the Welsh on the right. The mobile force of the People’s Assault Columns based at the open end. The Liverpool Artillery was based in the Breck and it was being spotted from St Hilary’s brow (connected via field telephone.) Given the height of the observation point it gave the artillery free rein on the battlefield. It was also agreed LFS reinforcements could come on at the start of the battle.

St Hilary’s seen from BUF starting positions in centre of battlefield (modern photo)
The Stormtroopers advanced on the Moss as did other BUF battalions. The badly lead armour were a little sticky in their advance and the PAC advanced over the front of their lines making for the dismounted mortars which were peppering Bidston in support of the elites. Int heir progression the PAC shot up advancing BUF columns halting their attack and in return came under heavy attack from BUF Air Support in the form of the Falcon Legion. Due failed advance rolls the PAC spent several turns delayed in front of the Welsh Fusiliers. This was used to good effect to rout the two BUF battalions on the front with accurate HMG fire but air attacks destroyed one car and one armoured vehicle platoon each.
Falcon Legion air supporting BUF advance in the face of People Assault Column armoured cars & gun-cars

 The Stomtroopers advanced to small arms range and shoot up the Liverpool Scottish. Being distracted by the opportunity to commit an atrocity they came under heavy counter fire but their spirits held. Meanwhile the Birmingham Mechanised BUF closed with the Wallasey Village boys and intense assault took place from which the BUF broke.  In the meantime the Stormtroopers charged the Liverpool Scottish in an action which left very few survivors. LFS artillery previously ineffective had several triumphs in this encounter. First of the it managed to fire on the BUF Tank platoon and drive it back when it had encircled behind the defending Wallasey forces. Secondly it managed to take out the Stormtroopers commander who was coordinating his battalions HMGs. The consequence of that was that the stomrtroopers routed as did the sole surviving Liverpool Scottish platoon.

The panic seemed infectious as the Dockers also became disordered but thanks to the LFS Generals direct intervention steadied and continued to hold the hill.

The Bloody Battle of Bidston Moss

The PAC mechanised forces closed on the BUF Mortars while the BUF mechanised unit first steadied and then panicked again from artillery fire. Finally the Cheshire Yeomanry arrive don the battlefield but their commander looking at the carnage decided to shield the BUF retreat rather than try to rescue victory from the jaws of defeat.  The Free STate forces were equally happy to lick their wounds and conserve their ammunition.

Well…Wallasey remains an unbroken nut. At least the Poulton end of  Wallasey Village – what’s happened over on the New Brighton end of Wallasey village who knows. Equally West Kirby has been cut off for some time now…surely the BUF should be winkling the LFS out of the West Wirral?


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