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Battle of West Kirby (Part I)

“And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out,” With this code word the first of Lord Farndon’s forces make their way to agreed rendevous points for the liberation of West Kirby from the tyranny of Scouse Bolshevisim.

Forces of the Royalist ‘Royal Navy Officers Commando’ landed on Thursaston Shore in the small hours met by 5th Columnists they have become ensconsed in the town and are ready to act in support of the Government Assault unknown to the LFS Defenders.

This is a pure Royalist operation BUF forces are to focused on the battle for liverpool to detach forces for it.

The terrain is a town ocvered by wooded hills to the south and east. Fields break up the rest of the countryside.

LFS Defenders

Comrade Mayor Wilberforce Golightly General Car

‘Hoylake Sprinters’ Automobile Association  Squadron 2 cars HMG (regular)

West Wirral Anglican league

1 Command rifle, 5 rifle (regular – been exposed to a lot of fighting)

West Wirral Workers Army – Young Socialists League Batttalion

1 Command, 4 Rifle (regular)

Free Cheshire Constabulary

3 stands rifle veteran ( mutineers from Cheshire police and Auxies)

Caldy Grammar Free Artillery

2 Mortars put together by progressive metal work and science teachers and operated by older boys (Green)

West Kirby and District Local Defence Volunteers

1st Battalion – Green

2nd Battalion – Raw

Each Battalion1  Command, 4 Rifles

Lord Fanrdon’s Attackers

Royal Naval Officers Commando 4 self ordered regular LMG Naval stands (hidden in ambush in the town or surroundings) – each stand can at the players choice be swapped for a IED (up that must be in the town.)

Royal Artillery

All regular

Rifle armed officer

Howitzer Battery (Heavy)

Artillery Battery (Medium)

Self ordering scout car (self ordering and unarmed)

2 Trucks

Sir Eric Peckforton, heir to Lord Farndon

Infnatry in truck (general)

Cheshire Hunt

2 Stands rifle armed cavalry (green)

The remainding forces come on as reinforcements on a 5 or 6 from start  turn 1

Wirral harriers hunt

2 Stands rifle armed cavlary (green)

Lord Farndon’s Boys

1 command, 5 rifles (Green)

Chester King’s Association Guard

4 LMG (Green) 2 Trucks

Royal Highway Patrol Group (Patrol C)

2 HMG Trucks, 1 AT Truck (Regular)

Royal Reconissance Service Squadron

3 LMG Infantry (veteran) Trucks

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