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Battle of West kirby (Part II)

It seemed a rum do for the forces of Lord Farndon their intial forces where just the Royal Artillery and the Wirral Harriers. 

Meanwhile the Free Staters had their Raws garrisoning Caldy (village on the hill), the Young Socialists and LDV on the eastern slopes of the middle hill which had the Caldy Grammer Mortars on top and then the Anglican league on the Eastern End.

Their General and the Hoylake Sprinters where in reseerve between the hills and the town with the veteran police beign pbassed int he Easternmost buildings (likely the stretch between the White Lion and the Ring O’Bells.)

Which was unfortunate for them because that was also where half the Royal Naval Officer Commando (RNOC) was based, the rest being over the road  resulting in ambush fire and close assault that lasted the first tranche of the battle.

close combat on the edge of the battlefield

The artilllery covered by the Cavalry who had some ineffective home-made mortar fire for their troubles. The artillery deployed and made pleasant sport of midly annoying the entrenched Anglicans for their troubles.

Free State starting positions Govt forces entering from left or bottom.

Meanwwhile the Hoylake Sprinters escorted their General around the Anglican flank only to set upon by the Cheshire Hunt entering the battlefield supported by the Farndon Boys. the audacious attack by toffs on horseback aganist touring cars with machine guns led to the Hunt exciting off table and the Farndon Boys decided to join them! The Royal Highway Patrol Group (RHPG) arrived through their dust and also attacked the Hoylake Sprinters. The free State CO exciting the skirmish promptly. he was quickly followed by routing AA touring cars. Unfortunately the RHPG suffered a vehicle breakdown and while amusing itself with destroying a Caldy Grammer mortar platoon , killing the Geenral, and harrassing fire on the Anglicans they came under Naval gunnery fire and were destroyed.

Lord Fanrdon’s heir arrived and ordered the Chester King’s Association Guard in aganist the Anglicans.  Mortar fire and Anglican shooting kncoked them in half and then the morale crumbled. This wasn’t before the Farndon Boys turned up again fire soem ineffective volleys at the surviving Anglicans and then retreated of table again! Eventually the artillery moving up behind their spotter took out the Anglicans finally aided by the Royal Reconissance Service Squadron.

The Free State Commander from the Young Socialists took the length of the Anglican battle to move his forces into the town. He left he mortars as a rearguard who the Wirral Harriers promptly charged and destroyed.  The Hoylake Sprinters routed to Hilbre Island across the low tide sands having the odd shot from the RNOC survivors.

The 1st LDV also ended towards the sands while the 2nd LDV deployed in the western edge of the town witht he new CO. The Young Socialists were charged with evicting the RNCO survivors from the church but in a ‘Eagle has landed’ battle came off far, far worse. Just in time for their survivors having finally brunt the Church and RNCO in it to be vanquished by fresh RSS troops.

Cavalry arrive to see the 'Eagle has landed' conclusion of the RNOC

The Wirral Harriers advancing along side the RSS came udner heavy fire from the LDV and eventually fled the fighting in the town. Not before air and artillery strikes had killed the new Free State General and routed the  2nd Battalion LDV accompanied by him.

This left a disordered 1st Battalion  LDV to face the RSS, Artillery support and the reformed Wirral Harriers. They rpomptly surrendered as the 2nd Battalion routed across the sands abandoning their equipment and arms, hoping to be picked up from Hilbre island in the night at high tide.

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