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I review the Twoops!

Well I took the opportunity of being in the garage painting some VBCW Berry Street irregulars and swearing at some Flame of  War German motorcycle Combinations that proved very tough to stick together to review my box and see what forces I had and I was pleasantly surprised.

Regia Marina

First of all I appear to have most of the Italian Navy in there.  Above is the tiny pained portion 2 Dulio, 4 Zara, 2 Carvour & 7 Destroyers but there is another 38 vessels unpainted there. These may well see service in a  VBCW Convoy game standing in for rebel Royal Navy escorts fighting pirate submarines.

4 Disruptive Camo Pattern Grav Tanks

 I also discovered a body of 6mm SF armour (and Infantry but I haven’t inventoried those yet,) 4 Grav tanks looking European and a mass of beauties in a two-tone desert scheme ! (8 Land raiders, 30 Rhino APCs, 4 Grav Tanks, 2 Grav scout cars, 2 artillery, 2 Engineer vehicles, 2 Engineer Rhinos, 2 ECW type planes) a suitable battalion or large sized force some some planet based government.

Desert Camo Army of Grav armour & WH40k vehicle back up

 I also had 8 of those Support type Warhammer 40 K  Landraiders in green and 8 of the transport types in Blue making the nucleus of a weaker equipped Opfor with the Grav Tanks as mercs?

My regular opponent has plenty of 25-28mm urban warfare and GW or other figures. I’ve located some Stargrunt figures that can bring the fight to him.

They joined the Legion to forget...Forget what? they've forgotten.French Foriegn Legionaries (Officer, Sniper, Electronic Warfare Op, 12 Infantry, 3 Magazine LAWs and 3 Support Gunners) (3 spare unpainted figs too.) Painted by Matt from Dissecting Worlds shame the light was bad in the garage.Muslim League troops Arab style opposition (Officer, Sniper, ECW Op, 15 Infantry, 3 MLAW, 3 Support Gunners) (Also got 8 infantry and a spare LMG unpainted for reinforcements.)Marines! w Mark Kermode kneeling in the front row.

 5 USMC type Marines (mercs?),  a high tech looking body of Panzer-Grenadiers (ECW Op, 8 Rifles, 2 MLAW, 2 Plasma Guns and 1 x LMG.) and some space fuzz. there is some badly painted traveller stuff I’m in two minds to bin as well.

Small Crack Squad of New Swabian League Panzer Grenadiers


Space Fuzz


 But the most exciting developments was the various marine figures I had and had thought were 10mm are actually 15mm and therefore compatible with our VBCW and AK-47 Republic forces which means a large scale 15mm primative colonists v superior tech off planet forces is a real goer.


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