Prodigal Empires:NIPTISH EMPIRE

A  Space opera background but think could be compatable with the Christ Communard Commonwealth if the Uk and Japan launched generation ships and were devastated on Earth leading to this strange corruption of the two combined. 

Niptish Flag




Colonies          :           12 and the Britannia the Imperial Home world

Government    :           A hereditary Emperor reigns from Windsor House, he appoints heads of the armed and police forces, the Prime Minister and Cabinet from the House of Lords.

Emperor's Standard


Actual power is exercised by the Steward who is chair of a Cabinet made up of leading nobles acting as Ministers. Nobles sit in the, the senior house of Parliament which scrutinises legislation.

House of Daimyo is made up of the Nobles, Chairmen of the Zaibatsu, large family-controlled banking and industrial combines. Select Abbots, Bishops and Judges also sit in the senior house

There is also a House of Commons which is elected but only by Niptish (not Colonial citizens) who meet certain property qualifications (so are normally Zaibatsu employees so called Salarimen, and vote as directed by their companies.)  Commoners that are Salarymen and contracted labourers of Zaibatsu surrender their votes to the chairmen of the Zaibatsu’s board who are usually Daimyo.

The Zaibatsu are pretty much self governing and directly control large portions of the colonies called prefectures as feudal fiefs. Technically Colonies could achieve self governing Dominion status but this has never happened.

The Empire is unpopular due to it’s tendency to conquest, it’s large armed forces and fierce Navigation Acts which required all goods bound for the colonies from other territories have to be shipped through Britannia first, where the goods are be unloaded, inspected, taxed, and reloaded. The trade has to be carried in Niptish bottoms (i.e. vessels), which included those of its colonies.  Small traders make fortunes supplying the outer colonies in contradiction of these laws but risk execution if caught by the Imperial Navy.

Religion           :           The Church of Shinto is an animistic belief system, venerating ancestors and the Emperor. Various ancient heroes are venerated i.e. Nerson of the one eye and arm, Winston the Defiant and The Fab Four John, Paur, Geolge and Lingo.

Armed Forces

The officer class are very highly regarded – the Navy especially, and then the Army. Rankers are regarded with suspicion socially and tend to stick to service clubs, pubs and brothels. Military Courts have precedence over civilian ones and in dealing with offences by or upon the military the various military police forces have jurisdiction though they tend to co-operate due to stretched resources.  Military and Imperial imagery is commonly used in advertising and the like,

Imperial Niptish Navy is the largest Fleet in human space. It has impressive ships of the line (His Imperial Majesty’s Terrorships (HMITs)), star fighters (that form the Fleet Air Arm,) and ground forces the Special Naval Landing Commandos and Special Boarding Squadrons. It policies the Navigation acts through it’s Counter Piracy and Terrorism Units (CPTUs) squadrons of small light vessels.  Naval land forces tend to be at the spearhead of attacks on planets, destroying centres of resistance and establishing land zones.

Imperial Niptish Army transports troops in it’s own ships Imperial Niptish Army Vessels (INAVs) which are operated by Naval personnel. They tend to mop up resistance when conquering planets and garrison them supporting the police and Zaibatsu Ashigaru. They have their own air wing and special forces the Special Army Squadrons and Long Range Demolitions Groups.

Imperial Colonies Mounted Police is the Imperial paramilitary police force. The Empire tends to take on local law enforcement once a world is taken into the Empire, the ICMP providing support and ensuring they follow orders. They wear scarlet tunics but have a plain clothed division the Special Branch.

Other police forces include Royal Imperial Constabulary, Royal Colonial Motorised Police, Country forces, Metropolitan Police, Zaibatsu Constabulary, Toketai, Kempetai, Imperial Customs Service and His Imperial Majesty’s Revenue.

Zaibatsu Ashigaru once a planet is taken over the territory is divided amongst the Zaibatsu. Ashigaru are corporate security guards made up of mercenaries garbed in corporate colours who protect administrators and facilities. They undertake counter-insurgency missions with Imperial forces support.

Class Controls

Talented commoners can be admitted to the nobility either through marriage or granting of a noble title by the Emperor who acts on the advice of the Steward. A title, if only a knighthood would normally awarded to anyone making the senior ranks in the military, civil service or the Board of a Zaibatsu.  Promotion is largely on merit but the education and social etiquette required for the upper ranks of society tends to restrict it to the middle and upper classes.

Legal code

The legal system is an adversarial one based on each party putting its case before judges (and or a jury) for most ranks of society – the exception being Nuhi – non-persons not tied to one of the big employers. Nuhi can be tried by summary Judaramurai (see below.)

 The system has five levels of punishments –fines, public birching, hard labour, transportation (to the colonies) and death.

A fully functioning system of civil and contract law exists which functions on financial penalties.

Judicial structure

Zaibatsu Tribunals, Civil Service Assizes and Military Courts exist for cases where an employee is a victim or perpetrator. Where these courts have conflicting jurisdiction each County (home province) or Colonial District has a Crown Court overseen by Crown Court Judges determining sentence and the verdict decided by a neutral Jury.

Judaramurai (judges) have powers of Kin Sute Gonen (cut and leave), the right to act as judge, jury and executioner perpetrators not employed by the military, government or zaibatsu – so called Nuhi.  They also act as elite senior police – though they have their own command structure under the Lord Chancellor’s office, they do not answer to Country Lord Lieutenants or the Home Office like normal police.  Their decisions are scrutinised by the Special Judaramurai Squadron, who have similar powers that the Judaramurai have over the Judaramurai.

Civil Courts exist in every county and colony to oversee none criminal cases such as divorces, contract disputes and the like.

Foriegn Policy

The Niptish Empire is hostile to all the powers of Earth though it will make temporary alliances. It has frosty relations with the Holy Stellar Empire. It despises the Coalition and the two powers have thought several vicious small wars. Regarding ALien powers the Niptish Empire tends to be more respectful and indeed prefers to make alliances with superior civilised high-tech Alien races which it considers it’s equals unlike what it sees as ‘mudclinging’ Earth powers or ‘lesser’ fellow prodigy states.


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