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Barge Across the Mersey (Part1)

A Jim scenario so just the bare bones and unsure of the map but I’ll be ready for any kind of fight by the time Tuesday night rolls around….

Government forces have constructed a pontoon bridge at a narrow stretch of the Mersey in a attempt to break the strangle hold Free forces have on the Runcorn bridge .

Hoping to outflank the enemy with a blitzkrieg assault with the aid of artillery and barge mortars.

Free States .

Commander Brigadier Bernard Peabody + car (Regular)

Liverpool Regt

1 commander can be used as stand alone commander.

1command,1 lmg,1 HMG, 1 INF.

A,B,C company’s as above +3 trucks. Regular

Artillery Regular on Table. Regular

Bessie Braddock Amazons

Bessie Braddock + 3inf + HMG Militia Regular due to experience

Workers Defence League. Raw.

A comp 4 infantry + HMG

B comp 4 infantry .


Marines 4 infantry Veteran + Barge

2x Old Tanks Green

Irish Wild Geese 7 LMG, 2 HMG 3 trucks

Government Forces

Commander B.U.F Colonel Sid Jackson + car (Regular)

Warrington B.U.F (Regular)

3 Bren carriers inc x2 LMG

1 X Matilda tank.

Manchester BUF (Regular)

A comp 3 inf including command , 1HMG.

B comp 3 inf inc command .1 HMG.

C comp 4 inf inc command + 3 trucks

Lancaster BUF Mech’s

1 Half track 2 captured armoured cars HMG, 2 cars HMG (Green)

BUF Mortars x2 on Barge.


Support Company

2x HMG Trucks each truck includes 2 infantry (Regulars)

St Helens Air Cadets 1 Truck 4 infantry. (Green)

BUF Manchester (Green) at Squadron

3 Anti-tank guns +trucks

Warrington Hunt

1 command cavalry

+ 4 Stands (Green)

(Regular) Artillery + truck.

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