Prodigal Empires: The Coalition


The Coalition is a body of huamn powers whose people descended from Generation ship  colonising the same area of space and battled each other over the years until coming together in the face of the Niptish threat. The 7 members Coalition Council is made up of the Heads of Government of the five powers and a Secretary General and Commander in Chief of the Coalition Forces who are appointed by them. The Commander in Chief commands the Coalition Forces and any forces the individual powers contribute to operations. The Coalition is currently friendly to all Earth Empires but some Earth powers feel they have claims on various coalition members which might result in future tensions.

Since its establishment 10 years ago it’s forces have expanded. All new formations forming part of the Coalition Forces a force separate to the forces of the individual powers making up it’s membership.

The Five powers are the Confederation of Asatru Colonies, Neru Commonwealth, Dar-el Sufi, Ugandu & Tangata whenu.


Kimanjano has one habitable world – Kimanjano III which is occupied by Ugandu, the Astaru Colony of Theodheim and Neru Commonwealth colony of Dil Chahata Hai.

Beta Canum Venticorum  Fornsorheim an Astaru colony shares the planet of Beta Canum Venticorum VI with the Neru Commonwealth world of  Meri Dua due to a long history of frontier violence many communties there are unhappy at being in the Coalition with former enemies.

The planet of Beta Canum Venticorum VII is home of the Neru Commonwealth main colony Meri Dua

Beta Comae Berenices Has one colonised world  Beta Comae Berenices II.  The Astrau colony of Odinheim – shares the planet of with Dar-el Sufi and Tangata whenua.  


Confederation of Asatru Colonies These colonies are populated by white populations worshipping Old Norse gods. There system of government is one of local direct democracy with representative democracy at colony and Confederation level. There are few cities of any size in their territory most communities being Agricultural Communes run on a kibbutz system.  Each commune forms a Commando of the able bodied in the event of war and who are expected to fight to defend their territory.(The term Commando is a unit and not an indicator of their prowess) Aside these forces each colony has a small Constabulary to act as police and army and the Confederation maintains a fleet of light vessels, star fighters and marines. The principal language is Scandivar


Neru Commonwealth is a polyglot free market representative democracy established by peoples from the Indian subcontinent. The Commonwealth fancied itself as the regional power and as a result has the best capital ships of the Coalition partners and the Commonwealth Army is the most professional ground forces. The Commonwealths high opinion of itself can rub up other Coalition members the wrong way.   It has decent sized cities and industry. It’s principle language Hinglish and religion Hinduism. Minority Sikh and Sunni Muslim communities are repressed and fostered separatist terrorist movements.


 Dar-el Sufi is a colony governed by a Council of elected Imans. Its principle religion is Sufism a mystic tradition that found a home in Islam and encompasses a diverse range of beliefs and practices dedicated to Allah, divine love and the cultivation of the heart.  It has a set of agricultural territories and educational and research institutions which combine Islamic study with advancing science. It has a conscript Army that combines spiritual and military training. Its principal language is Arabic.


Ugandu is a colony founded by African peoples – a hereditary Council of Chiefs elects a Head Chief who rules for 7 years. The various tribes provide troops to serve in the National Army and a directly recruited Space Force – principally of star fighters and light vessels. The main industry is mining and associated activities giving the colony a decent industrial base.  It has Sunni Islamic, Christian and animistic communities and principal language is Swahili.



Tangata whenua are colonists of the seabed of Beta Comae Berenices , they are governed on a tribal basis, Chiefs electing the Prime Chief and maintain a ‘wet’ navy and provide troops for the Coalition Forces. Their principal industries are sea farming and seabed mining. Their principal language is Maori. And is religion is polytheistic.




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