Prodigal Empire:The Holy Stellar Empire

Nature of the Holy Stellar Empire

The Holy Stellar Empire is not a territory it is in fact the whole of humanity wherever they are found. This fact may be lost on portions of humanity from time to time but such is the Emperor’s Love for Them that such a situation is in error and will be corrected.

Nature of the Empire

The Nature is in three parts:

Holy – the Empire is the holy protector of man through God(s) will through his (their) instrument the Emperor. This Holiness is represented by the Orthopractic Heterodox Church of which the Emperor is Governor and Defender of the Faiths.  The beliefs of the temples and sects which make up the OHC is not important the diversity of the divine being represented in the diversity of belief. However all faiths much observe the proper rituals or are treated as heretic.

Stellar – the system of stellar portals which make inter-stellar navigation possible are operated by the Guild of Portal-keepers under Imperial patronage. This makes the inter-stellar commerce and communication with sustains the Empire possible.

Empire – the Emperor elected by the eight Elector Princes rules the Empire, commands the Imperial Navy, Legions and Levies and directs the eyes of Imperial Security. He is the warden and guardian of Humanity. He is not omnipresent nor omnipotent hence the nobles, guilds, corporations and republics that make up the Empire all aid him in carrying the weight of that duty.

Elector princes

The Electors are the leaders of the eight greatest Houses in the HSE. They are recognised in scripture as of old as having the right and duty to elect the Emperor (and indeed the King of the Earth.) They estates across the planets of the Empire, have scions spread throughout the lesser Houses and have treasury and forces that rival the Imperial ones.

The Reality

The slight problem the HSE has that it grew in isolation to other Prodigy Empires and Earth thanks to an high tech Alien civilisation the Shru who refused to interfere with there development but shielded them from other human and alien influences. This gave the HSE a very inflated view of itself.

The Shru suffered a catastrophic collapse of their society believed to be due to some organic virus they have disappeared. The HSE deprived of their shield has made contact with the rest of Earth space has come in for a rude awakening.  

Official HSE policy to this is to act in denial and all HSE media ensure that the peasants think the rest of Human Space follow the Emperor. In reality everyone knows this can’t last and Emperor (and noble houses) are desperate to get another human power to help their fraction – but don’t want the Empire to be swallowed up in the process.

The one advantage the HSE is control of the Shru jumpgates. This is handy as the HSE does not have the jumpspace technology that other human and alien powers have. While the HSE does not fully understand the SHru technology it can use them to transport much larger vessels than it’s rivals. This is a mixed blessing as the HSE’s weapons, shield technology is much behind that of other Human and most alien powers.

Their ships do sure look impressive before you blow them up though.

Likewise their ground forces are somewhat primitive. The Imperial forces are very well trained however the forces of the Elector Houses tend to vary from weak to rabble.



Imperial Navy

Basic Cut is navy blue for winter/cold postings and white for summer/hot postings with jacket & trouser piping and cravat in the nominated branch colour. (Command Officers have jacket/trousers in their original branch colour and cravat in the gold.)

The Imperial Naval Infantry are base guards, shipboard security details and broading parties. They also have small drop ship forces but only act as pathfinders for the Legions. 



Branch  Cravat & Piping Colour
Command Gold
Helm & Astrogation Silver
Engineering Scarlet
Medical White
Science Light Blue
Signals & Damage Control Purple
Flight & Ground Crew Blue Grey
Naval Infantry Green
Gunnery Black


Imperial Legions

Effectively this is the Empire’s crack ground forces.

Basic Cut is russet red in winter/cold postings and light khaki/sand in summer/hot ones with jacket & trouser piping and cravat in the nominated branch colour. (General & Field Officers have jacket & trouser piping in branch colour and cravat piping in gold or silver accordingly.)


Branch  Cravat & Piping Colour
General Officer & Staff Gold
Field Officer Silver
Medical White
Engineers Scarlet
Signals Purple
Cavalry Yellow
Artillery Black
Infantry Green


Imperial Levies

Wear the uniform supplied by the supplying Lord or corporation. Imperial status is often only denoted by an armband or similar distinction.

Imperial Security

A combined internal secret police, miltiary police and intelligence service Imperial Security is rightfully feared and hated. The ‘Guards’ section covers everything from spaceport security details, Imperial Ministry securityguards and crack anti-terrorist commandos.


Basic Cut is black uniform in Winter/cold postings and light grey in summer/hot ones with jacket & trouser piping and cravat in the nominated branch colour. (General & Field/Sector Officers have trousers with piping in branch colour and cravat & jacket piping in gold or silver accordingly.)

Branch  Cravat & Piping Colour
General Officer & Staff Gold
Field/Sector Officer Silver
Signals Purple
Research, Development & Technical Support   Scarlet
Crime Scene Light Blue
Medical White
External Espionage Yellow
Internal Security Black
Guards Green
Military liaison Russet Red
Naval liaison Navy Blue



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