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Barge across the mersey (Part 2 of 3)

addendum to Part 1 – the Worker’s Army actually have 2 Companies of Green militia (Worker’s Army) as well each 3 Infantry & 1 LMG platoons.


Liverpool end of the Battlefield

 Reinforcements on table this shows the CHemical Works and road to Liverpool. Raw militia guarding the chemical works. Other figures are reinforcements ‘resting’ on table prior to being place on the reinforcement bench.

Middle Battlefield


Manchester/Cheshire end of the Battlefield

The central defensive lines of  the LFS forces made up of the regular ladies of  a company sized detachment of Bessie Braddock’s Amazons and green militia. Again other figures of Government attacking force and reinforcements resting on table. Government objective to assault across pontoon bridge and exit table towards Liverpool.

First Blood - Worker's Army spotted militia call down artillery on government forces

Govenernet recon force sled the way close;y followed by the Infantry and armour.  Fortunate smiled on the LFS with the artillery (planted behind on the hill) landing a decent shot spotted by Worker’s Army troops in the forward trenches using the field telephone. Undeterred the Government pushed the damaged platoon off the bridge and carried on. The Mortar Barge put in some pot shots and then advanced behind cover where it couldn’t spot a target.

Mechanised recon attempt to flank the eastern end of the LFS line

 The  Government recon unit then proceeded to try and flank the LFS line crossing the bridge and laying down accurate casualty inflicting fire. However the HMG of the Braddock detachment returned the compliment.  The Armour and mechanised infantry also crossed the table. Some of the impetus of the Government assault was lost and both lead units stymied for a turn. Making the post of it the tank made good weather of firing on the Amazons while th mech units laid down suppressing fire on the extreme of the LFS line.

LFS Liverpool Regiment reinforcements had by now down on deployed in the wood where they could cover he bridge with their HMGs.  They were attacked by a Falcon legion stuka airstrike but managed to deliver accurate fire destroying a Bren carrier and the carried platoons. This had a detrimental result of the armoured battlegroup which proceeded to route under considerable fire and it crossed the bridge of the former Kingsmen of the Liverpool Regt.

In this interlude the Mech unit and extreme of the LFS front exchanged fire. Good artillery spotting resulted in the death of the mech unit commander and the resulting route left the attach on the line to be carried out by the BUF infantry who had debussed in cover and a lead battle attacked the centre of the LFS line while the others supported with artillery support (probably from Helsby hill.) This combined with a  successful fighter airstrike killing the Government General and an ineffective LFS bomber airstrike (spider stuka!*) but pay to their contribution to the battle.

The centre of the LFS line broke (and after getting 2 accumulative ammunition problems) and charged by the BUF retreated. meanwhile the irish of the ‘Wild Geese’ Battalion had charged up the road, debussed and deployed to hold the line. Unfortunately their routing colleagues blocked their line of the fire on the BF & only some LMG platoons could get a shot in. LFS artillery was also coming up in support.

Holding the line

 Veteran LFS Marines had arrived and deployed in ruined building on the Government side of the battle – just in time to meet and be shot up by Government HMG truck and artillery. Despite  wavering morale the LFS Marines held – though in the final played turn the Warrington hunt came on – it’s not looking good for them.

Regulars, Braddocks, Workers Army and Irish advanced trying to push back the BUF infantry before their heavy units and cavalry could come across the River and support. The LFS command took heart when 2 BUF battalions failed their morale but the last turn played saw them restored to good order and it all hangs in the balance. The Braddocks were wiped out (BUF swine shooting at women.)

Things seem to hang in the balance with a tenuous BUF beachhead but heavy weapons coming to their support while tired LFS forces will be trying to sweep them away. As the ALFIES roleplaying game is on next week it’ll be 2 weeks till be wargame the second half. Details here as always same LFS show same LFS channel.


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