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Celtic Tigers Division – the Mighty Red Reivers

Red Liverpool Motorcycle Combinations

Paint job needs a bit of polish but these are 15mm Afrika Krops Motorbike Coimbinations painted to be a portion of Commandant Cliffe’s Mighty Red Reivers – each model representing a section of 4-8 Motorbike Combinations with HMGs operated by the man in the sidecar. they are designed for reconissance in force and keeping open lines of supply. They are liekly to be acocmpanied by armoured cars and HMG carrying trucks. They are likely to be use3d in any Free Liverpool offesnive if the Free Staters win the ‘Barge ‘Cross the mersey Scenario,’  The photos a bit rubbish I’ll get a better one when they’re in action.

For other scenarios they’d also do as elements of the Governemnt force the  Royal Highway Patrol Group (as developed by Stormwatch from the Gentleman’s Wargame Parlour.)


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