Welsh Nationalists in the VBCW

[Editorial Note:In naming various faction s I have drawn on various recent Welsh Paramilitary Factions. We done not condone the actions of the Groups, neither do I mean to insult them, but feel as part of recent Welsh history they are the best basis on which to draw upon for these Very British Civil War 1938 units.]

The VBCW source books mention the IRA supporting North Welsh based Welsh Nationalists in the VBCW. Here are my idea on the Factions involved.

Byddin Rhyddid Cymru (Free Welsh Army)



White Eagle of Eryi BRC symbol


The BRC is an armed force fighting for an independent Welsh Republic. They are leftist but anti-Communist and see an escalation to regular warfare as the quickest method to secure Welsh independence.  To that end they are happy to bargain with the LFS for arms and supplies. They do have a somewhat authoritarian streak compared to other Welsh Nats organisations.

They are armed with ex-British kit but dye helmets covers, tunics and other headgear bottle green as combat dress.  General service dress uniform consisted of a dark green blazer with an eagle crest.

The Army’s motto was “Fe godwn ni eto”, Welsh for “We shall rise again”. Its crest was Eryr Wen, a white eagle mounted on dark green shield, commonly seen in shorthand. Also incorporated in the national flag on the top left hand corner.

Details of the historic organisation here: http://www.welshicons.org.uk/main/organisations/free-wales-army/  all the information on their on ranks, dress distinctions and organisation apply. An exception is that the Group as formed Flying Columns of battalion size which act seperately to the various zones and local commands and include some heavy weapons (HMGs, AT RIfles, Mortars) and some trucks and lorries.  These groups are used to clash with pro-Government forces in conventional battles though they favour ambush and hit and run raids. While they have some IRA help the leadership of the BRC are ex-British Army regulars and don’t actively seek IRA assistence.  

They have (on paper) an Air wing and a Riverine Patrol Group (they are nothign if not ambitious.)  They do however have a called ‘ Patagonian Flying Column’ consisting of foreign volunteers of Welsh descent from Argentina,  the broader Americas, Europe, Austrailia, etc; These so called ‘Gauchos’  are a mounted infantry force lead by Commandant (Cadlywydd) Juan Evans formerly of the General San Martin Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers (Regimiento de Granaderos a Caballo General San Martín) of the Argentine Army. They make penetrating raids into the border regiosn and BUF held southern Wales targetting arifields, railways junctions and the like. They are a distinctive force as it’s members often have had military service in their countries of birth and wear pieces of dress from their former service.

Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (Movement for the Defence of Wales)

Unlike the BRC the MAC favours guerrilla war to secre an independent Welsh Republic. It purely operates local cells involved in sabotage, bombing, ambushes as well as intelligence gathering in occupied areas. In ‘free’ areas it is essentially an LDV but one prepared to go to the hillls and fight a guerrilla campaign when Government forces appear. it’s only uniform is a Welsh Flag armband  The MAC Army Council a shadowy organisation, always on the move is suspcious of the LFS as just another bunch of Sais and has little to do with them. theya re particualry concious of issues such as where Liverpool intends to get it’s water supplies post-war.

 The MAC does however make extensive use of IRA advisers – mainly as training officers. The MAC does not take a sophisticated approach to a war of liberation – any soot, bobby, auxie or tommy is a legitimate target and to be enaged when the moment is right. They are leftist but anti-Communist, some partizans and Welsh miltias are members of both MAC and BRC which can confuse things.

The Welsh Flag is often flown by MAC units with the Cross of St David to ensure they are not confused with pro-Government units who used the Welsh Dragon embelm (such as Loyal and Royal Cymru & the Border Marches Field Force  http://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/5-a-l-f-i-e-s-adversaries/royalist-reactionary-security-forces/ )

St David's Flag also used by MAC

Meibion Glyndwr [MG]: Sons of Glyndwr

A small organsiation named after the Welsh noble who opposed English invasion, MG operates which all Welsh Nationalist factions supplying intelligence and trying to secre co-operation.  The MG carries out very targeted attacks on infrastructure and high value Government individuals as well operating intelligence networks in occupied borderr towns and beyond into Cheshire, Shropshire and other border counties as well as South Wales. It has no uniform and it’s contacts are usually known to other Welsh organisations they co-operate with. At MG funerals the Glyndwr banner is used on the coffins but such funerals are carried out by BRC, MAC or other factions.

Workers Army for a Welsh Republic  (WAWR)

An English speaking Welsh Communist organisation which also supports and independent Workers Republic, The WAWR main support is in mid and south Wales thought here are cells in the North. The WAWR while pro-Independence takes much of it’s tactical and organisational lead from the Labour party’s Workers Army so miltias are based around Trade Union and local loyalties and trained if poorly equipped for conventional warfare.  The ‘Red Welsh’ banner shown above is the WAR symbol and is used as an armband, banner and vehicle marker etc; The BRC and MAC are suspcious of the WAWR with it’s pro-Moscow leanings and friendlyness to English lead left. So are the Welsh wings of the Workers Army and the Independent Labour Party’s Workers Defence Corps who see it’s elevation of Welsh Nationalisim abouve the class concerns of the Civil War as suspcious. The WAR see’s itself as valuable glue holding together an anti-Mosley popular front together – where it’s loyalties lie if the war finishes is unclear.

Other Welsh Anti-Government Factions

·         A Welsh Free Church Council operates as an ally of the Anglican League in Wales.  It’s squeezed by the Nationalist presence in the North and the left in the South.

·        In the mining valleys NUM (National Union of Mineworkers) units loyal to the Workers Army or Workers Defence Corps (or both) exist both operating overtly and covertly depending on the government presence.  The same goes for other industrial centres.

·         Some non-Nationalistic Local Defence Forces co-operate againist government forces in mid and south Wales.·         A ‘Free Druids Army’ exists but seems to consist of a few dozen of eccentrics in and around Anglsey, who consider themselves charged with Wale’s ‘spiritual defence’ –  whatever that means. ‘Their offers of Chaplins to Welsh Nats factions has been declined – occassionally a section will turn up claiming to be looking for the head of Bran the Blessed, Excailbur or similar. This ‘unit’ actually has more members serving with the LFS Welsh Battalion than anywhere else. (And a lot of those members are 2nd or 3rd generation Liverpudllian.)

·         As mentioned directly above there is a Welsh battalion in Liverpool’s Celtic Tigers Division –https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/wild-geese-celtic-tigers/ – it’s component parts don’t directly correspond to the Welsh entities in Wales but more respresent alliances of convience between those Groups.


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