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Player Captains of Atlantis Art

Here is a few remaining bits of my art but much more (and better ) art that the players did – regretfully not every of the  numerous characters over the game survives – popping this up her as part of the a clear out.

2nd Lt Horace Horus a crabby ambitious Legion officer played sneakily & very well drawn by Noel

Gupta – a Vendrayan swashbuckler who joined the Atlanteans – drawn & played with gusto by Noel
Peracles Phet-Uk a bumbling sort who tried to advert the end of the world through assassination and died a (failed) hero

Short lived military man with a more famous NPC uncle.


(I can't remmber who played Blythe Bast or his role must have bee short lived.)


Another short lived barbarian in Atlantean service Otto Bearbane - yet more Jim art

Albanus Anubis - spoilt son and rotten officer and unlikely protangonist for much of the campaign - played and drawn by Mark


Sailing Master Zaitera - nasty hard piece of work played and drawn by Jim


Jokey Film poster I did for the Game


Yes -Conan as cheap name for a below decks character - things on his feet are snow shoes - came to a sticky end - played and drawn by Mark

Sketch of officers uniform by me (clunky)

Portrait sketches of NPC officers and men of the Anbuis Revenge on Anubis' diplomatic mission to Vendrayan

Old front piece of the old file

One of mine a NPC squaddie from a barbarian unit


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