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Cheshire Public School Boys Battalion

Recently having appeared in the 3rd episode of Operation APHID (see http://alfiesantics.wordpress.com ) the Cheshire Public School Boys Battalion is a unit of 3rd-5th former boys from a variety of Cheshire Public schools. Inspired by the ‘white’ miltiary school units of the Russian Civil War they are NCO’d by 6th form prefects and commanded by school master officers. They are a Royalist unit fighting on the government side in the VBCW.

2 Companies recently took over Norley Bank Hall as a training centre and recently suffered indignities I shan’t name here (though I’m sure Gareth will when writing up the mission.)

4th former H.Potter of Birkenhead School

Above we see a typical member of the battalion wearing a combination of 1908 Army uniform and a cap and tie of his school. The Battalion was organised into Platoons arranged on school and sections arranged by house. Title flashes with ‘Cheshire Public Schools’ are stitched onto the top of the upper arm in yellow on black backing.

Rank was indicated by lance corporal stripes for junior prefects, corporal stripes for prefects , sergeant stripes for house captains with head boys wearing a warrant officer crown above the sergeant stripes. School uniform rank indicators i.e. badges or sashes would also we worn in accordance with individual schools traditions. Schools Masters wore approriate British Army ranks for their command (2nd lt for platoon, Lieutenant and Captain at Company level and Major or Lt Colonel at Battalion level.)

Smaller boys who couldn’t carry a lee-Enfield would be given a .22 training rifle.

 The Battalion HQ was mechanised with 3 civillian trucks and 2 staff cars.

  For wargame purposes the battalion was ‘Green’ due to the OTC (Junior section) training the boys got plus the errant belief in their immortality child-soldiers sometimes exhibit. Due to the young boys use of .22 rifles and lack of anything heavier than a rifle the unit counts as armed with sporting rifles.


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