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Full Trust battle report: Attack on Convoy 990

Here are some shots of more fleet building Jim has done we then played the Convoy scenario from page 32 of the Fulll Trust rules (available here http://www.fmaskirmish.com/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=9&id=29&Itemid=50. )

Jim's Battle Builds including fighters

More battle builds...

In the battle I commander the blue NAC forces and completely misjudged the situation – overshooting Jim’s convoy which cleverly zig-zagged to break up my formation. My force which was mainly armed with forward firing torpedoes overshoot his and got very badly shoot up in the process. Looking back I should have hung back and let his forces coem to me. The had to exit at the table edge I started anyway!

Briefly the objective of my forces (3 missle destroyers and a heavy cruiser) was to destroy the 3 Freighters (white) while the grey pair of destroyers and crusier tried to defend themm.

Ha ha I think (in the blue) I've got that convoy now!

Yup I've kind of overshot and my Torpedo destroyers are left duking it out with convoy and their tubes can't bare...

The Convoy lands some major punches! - to the escape pods

All destoyers blown up, my Cruiser decides better of it and retires for tea. The enemy has a stratched Cruiserand one dented Freighter - definate victory to Jim.


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