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Revolutionary Biscuits of Italy (part 2)

The Map

Here is a highly simplied star map of Garabaldi-Bourboni space. Blue systems are Bourboni and red Garabaldi controlled. Gret circles are border worlds neither side has control of yet.


  • The fleets described in the earlier post should be divided into sub-units. 
  • These can be called fleets, squadrons, task force or flottillas according to taste. 
  •  Sub units should be numbered 1st, 2nd etc; and also named for flavour (i.e. Royal Guard Fleet, or Interdiction Task Force, have fun.) 
  • It would be clear what vessel is in what fleet.
  • It shoudl also be clear what system the Fleet starts in – please put it in capitals next the the fleet name.
  • Each fleet should also have it’s commanding  Admiral named.  Fleet vessels should be listed in size from mighty carrier to lowly courier


One turn represents an indeterminate period of time. A turn  starts with the HIGH COMMAND (Matt & Matt) writing out orders which they then post to their players & if we have on the Umpire.


First state if any units are re-organising (i.e splitting or combining) at the start of the turn i.e. the 1st Guards Fleet – the Battlecruiser X & destroyer Y shall become the Screening flottila (moves follow in movement portion of the orders.)

A unit can either MOVE or REPAIR in a turn.

The player should state for each unit whether it MOVES or REPAIRS.


A unit can move from one system (discs on the map) along the lines (which represent jump distances) to another adjacent disc joined by a line in a turn.

i.e. this should be stated as follows

1 st Guard Flottila (AMERICANO)



Border worlds cannot repair damaged ships.

Black script worlds which a re originally unde rthe players control at the start of the game can repair 20 points world of damage in a turn. (Say 1 battery)

Grey Script worlds (industrial systems) can repair 60 points worth of damage.

Green script (argircultural worlds) can only repair 5.

Border systems can repair 1 (they’re quiet low populations)

Repair order exampel:

1 st Guard Flottila (AMERICANO)



With the battle won the fleet might control the system but to control the planet (and get the repair points) it must have sufficent NIFOA (Nuke it from orbit ability) – the Commanders will add up the points of the batteries left in the fleet and they must be as follows to control the planets.

Control point s are halved if the argicultural world for that side is captured (the population is starving.)

Border worlds 20pts

Normal Home systems 40 pts

Argricultural,  Industrial or Cpaital (Expresso  or Tagetelle) 60 pts

The MOVE order NITFO means a fleet stays put – attacking the planet till it surrenders. If that order is given the fleet will stay in the systems attacking the enemy planet till it surrenders. 

Captured worlds do not need points to be liberated if your regain control of the system.


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