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ALFIES update and scenario ideas

I have earlier written on ALFIES the Very british Civil War roleplaying campaign and potential secnarios (see link a bottom of page)

At moment completed a cold war ‘defection’ style mission






And currently engaged in a base attack type mission


But one of things about the 1930s was that it wasn’yt just one type genre. Even Dennis Wheatly and HP Lovecraft ddin’t just write on type of story. I don’t see why ALFIES scenarios have to all i one genre – they could for instance include:

  • Classic manor house murder mystery  (the case is too difficult or politically sensitive for the police.)
  • Piracy (either tracking down pirates or stealing secrest on the high seas.)
  • Horror (what has the war uncovered that should have been left buried)
  • Crime (battling corruption)
  • Lost Ark Archeology (the BUF must not have Excalibur!)
  • Full on War Story (players stuck in a battle)
  • Comedy (Bertie Finknottle’s engagement is vital for the war effort!)
  • Dipomacy (ALFIES agents are the Federation starship captains of the VBCW world)

As well as the traditional more ‘spy’ scenarios. I’d liek to tkae this opportunity to invite scenario ideas from people (including the players) please email dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk if you have a kernal of a plot.

Oh some more specific scenario ideas were written about earlier here:


It’s also been mentioned changing the charactersevery mission means the first session is spent getting into character – I may in future only change half the party around to give more of a sense of continuity.

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