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Laitu v Zaitu the return…

For a change we did a quick AK-47 scrap. We’ve found some SF minatures so our Lake Everdin region https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/ak-47-lake-everdin/ might subtly move from being 1970s Africa to being dirt poor low tech colonies established by a generation ships..seamless.

Aim of this battle was to control a road. Both sides had a brigade sized mechanised force.

People’s Republic of Laitu

Guard’s Armoured Motor Rifles Support Company (2 x BMP-1, 1 Mortar, 1 HMG, 2 Infantry – professional)  

Tank Company  3 X t64 (REGUALR)

Motor Rifle Battalion 3 X BTR-60, 6 infantry (regular)

Rifle Battalion 2 x Half Track, 1 GAZ,  8 Infantry, 1 RPG  (milita)

Le Republic De Zaitu

Skorzeny Mercenary Company – Truck, 4 professional Infantry

Companie des Char – 3 x Tank (2 xM48 & 1 stray model) regular

A-T battlery – 1 x AT gun and HMG armed towing half track regular

Infantrie de Parachutise – 4 Infantry (regular)

Miltia – 5 APCs, 4 RPGs, 12 Infantry (miltia)

Battle Report

 In a nutshell Zaitu had early luck – it’s airforce decided to keep turning up and hammered Laitu Armour and miltia. It didn’t stop the miltia taking out the mercenaries who had sat still in their truck (too much schnapps?)  However in the process Laitu Tanks  managed to damage the Zaitu miltia so much they left the battle, but not before their RPG men managed to destroya Laitu tank. The guards armour where able to know out the Zaitu AT gun and while the Half track shot up the Zaity milita but eventually  force of numbers destroyed it.

Laitu miltia shot at by the Zaitu airforce supporting the mercenaries.

Broken down tank forces contuned to hammer each other while Laitu Gaurds armoured and the miltia engaged and pushed back the Zaitu Parachutistes. The BMP1s then attacked the Zaitu tanks securing victory…but it was a damned close run thing. Unless you where the laitu regular motor rifles in which cases you had a brew in the village while your APCs got shot at and fired their machine guns…

Zaitu main force gets in position

The Laitu airforce turns up (and then buggers off again.) Counter-revolutionary cowards!

The Zaitu airforce became annoyingly regular...

The victorious Zaitu push - who needs a stinking airforce...


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