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Adventures in Frugality:A thought experiment (and soon to be a real one)

It has occured to me this kapow weekend that an awful lot of VERY talented people produce free (geek) culture. By which I mean podcasts, webcomics, audio dramas, readings, reviews, stories, web films etc; A lot of them so that it can act as a calling card to get paid creative work. A lot of these same people enjoy using their money to enjoy the products of (geek) culture.

Well, are we missing a trick here?

Why buy culture in the first place? And I am not for moment suggesting theft of intellectual property here, just if there is plenty of it around free (perhaps a sign of supply and demand) why not enjoy that? If one does that one would free income and perhaps also free ones employment options (whatever day job you do, you could do less hours or soemthing more as you’d be requiring for less cash to buy comics etc;) 

Then I started to think how this would work in practice.

Libaries as they exist give acess to free culture as does terrestial TV and radio so that provides additional sources besides fan material. One can also swap stuff with friends.

I’d also cheat. My existing DVD, book and comic collections provide additional outlets. I have a 2000AD/Megazine substription and a sky TV package (pretty basic) and I’d keep both of those.  

What’d I’d be saying is I wouldn’t be buying any comics, books, DVDs, going the pictures etc; I think it could work.

I’ve already given up on  SF magazines 2 years ago reasoning that podcasts do the job as well if not better. I ‘ve bought 2 in that time and 1 of them was cause my podcast was in it (http://geeksyndicate.wordpress.com/2010/12/05/dissecting-worlds-makes-it-into-sfx-issue-203/) and I haven’t had time to finish reading either of  them. 

I figure I’d still go to Cons but next year only SFXweekender ’cause its close enough for a day trip and Leeds (likewise) for the social side. But after Thoughtbubble ’11 I’m signing up to a year without buying geek culture. But they might be up for grabs I’ve had a couple of little meet ups recently and they’ve been good fun – so why not? In any event It should prove an interesting experience.

Anyone else dare give it a go?


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