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ALFIES Cameos…


I’ve been pondering potential Non-player characters to turn up in my Very British Civil War roleplaying game (details here: http://alfiesantics.wordpress.com/about// )

Given we’ve already got Liverpool Labour stalwart Bessie Braddock, American novelist Ernest Hemmingway as NPCs and a thinly disguised George Orwell as a player character I thought I’d ponder other potential ‘celebrities;’ real and imagined that might turn up in a Very British Civil War

I’ve broke them up into categories to make life easy – got any ideas of your own please twitter @clarkythecruel or make a comment.


Bruce Wayne/Batman – The Wayne Foundation would be involved in charitable relief for refugees etc; which Liverpool receives. If there is any corruption or crime the distribution of that aid a certain masked vigilante may take an interest.


Johnny Red – World War 2 fighter ace from Battle was 16 in 1938 and born in the backstreets of Liverpool so he’s a natural.

Charlie Bourne – World War One veteran Londoner from the pages of Pat Mills and Joe Colqhuins masterpiece Charles War will also be fighting somewhere – probably in the South East against the Blackshirts with the London ‘émigrés’ supporting the Archbishop of Canterbury. .More details on Charlie Bourne here http://sundaycomicsdebt.blogspot.com/2010/11/charleys-war.html

Tin-Tin – the ace Belgian boy reporter is no doubt covering the war alongside Captain Haddock. While essentially conservative Tin-Tin has no truck with villainy and will probably fight it on whatever side he encounters it.

The Rocketeer – surely German Falcon legion would use the British Civil War to test their rocket pack technology – who’s going to stop them….

Major Easy – I love to think of another Battle favourite Major Easy roving around in the British Civil War – hopefully on the side of the angels.. http://fanboy.frothersunite.com/MajorEazy_Intro.html

His opposite number Major Leicht could also turn up.

Ampney Crucis – While a posh fellow, I can’t help feeling this psychic investigator would also be opposing the government but in his own esoteric fields.



Randolph Carter – HP Lovecrafts mystical adventurer served in the French Foreign Legion and is, like his creator a noted Anglophile. In considering his position one has to view him as Lovecraft’s proxy. He is likely to be conflicted with his bigotry and conservative tendencies, clashing with his new dealer perspective. Anyone’s guess what side he might help – either a Royalist or an Anglican league supporter. No doubt his esoteric studies might mean he’s useful to whatever faction he supports.

Bulldog Drummond –jingoistic and racist  Ex-Army British private detective favouring harsh solutions, this inter-war adventurer could only really be found fighting with the Government forces.

James Bond – a young ruthless man, not doubt in government employ as a spy and assassin probably with the nastier side of the Royalists. With his Scottish blood he might be operating in the Scottish Republic as a 5th columnist.

Dennis Nayland Smith – Fu Manchu’s nemesis has spoken favourably of Dictatorship in the novels written between the wars, a colonial copper and a Intelligence agent he’s likely to side with the Government and Oswald Mosley.

Jeeves & Wooster – Decent eggs and probably not caring a jot for this war lark what ho. It may well be that perhaps Wooster lands himself in the pink as an Anglican League representative in New York, glad handing the colonials and seeking pennies to get things back to normal,  heh what? No doubt Jeeves maintains a steady hand on matters.

The Saint, Simon Templar – a modern day pirate the Saint probably chooses no faction but simply fights evil wherever it rears it’s head in the course of the Civil War.


Duc de Richleau, Rex Van Ryan and Simon Aron – Dennis Wheatley’s ‘Three Musketeers’ are clubland snobs and jingoistic to boot. They’ve be on the Royalist side and no doubt will fight both Socialism and Satanism wherever it occurs. There opposition to the occult may mean they clash with ‘allies’ on the fringes of the  BUF.


Indiana Jones – The Civil War no doubt puts  a great many artefacts in the ancient lands of Britain in danger not only from war damage but also from Nazi’s backing Mosley. Therefore it may well be that Indy has to brush off the old Fedora and save some items in the old country so they can looked at by ‘top men’

Rick Blaine – perhaps after gun running to Spain and before moving to Casablanca to open a café, Rick saw service in the British Civil War. Maybe he’ll meet a girl and they’ll ‘Always have Macclesfield.’


Colonel Blimp –(That’s Brigadier General Sir Clive Candy VC, MC and Bar to you)  a really good egg, but stuck a stick in the mud one can’t help but feeling he’d fight for the King whatever the rights and wrongs. However his fundamental decency will probably frustrate many Blackshirt allies that fight alongside his troops.


Doctor Helen Magnus (Sanctuary) no doubt the war endangers Abnormals in the UK so the Doctor will be endeavouring to rescue them from the carnage.

The Doctor – goes without saying he’d be sticking his awe in somewhere. Wonderful fellow – all of him.

George Cowley – future head of CI5 in The Professionals damaged his leg in Spain fighting the fascists. He’s likely to carry on the same business when he gets home. Whether his fighting for his Scottish homeland or stuck elsewhere in the UK (say Liverpool) he’s likely to be a dangerous enemy.


Right that’s enough of my thoughts…who do you think could cameo in the Very British Civil War.

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