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ALFIES Cameos (Part II)

Thanks to Lee Grice for these suggestions following on from my exercise earlier today https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/alfies-cameos%e2%80%a6/ of famous characters who coudl appear in a Very british Civil War 1938.

Biggles: Well the RAF is pro-Government so I can’t see Biggles being anything else. Though he is probably suspicious Blackshirt ‘bad sorts’

 Raffles: Havign survived the Boer War somehow Raffles would be in his 70s in the Very british Civil War. If still of sound mind he’d be a cool spy chief. Given his decent values I could see him siding with Yorkists who want bertie to return from exile in Canada and claim the throne.


Jon Smith (Where Eagles Dare), Probably a Captain or Lieutenant in 938 but evens tarting his career in miltiary intelligence his intellect and martial skills may see him given ‘special’ missions. I suspect he’d be a Royalist but capable of playign double or even triple games who knows where his loyalites lie?

Captain Keith Mallory (Guns Of Navarone), Again likely a Lieutenant, roughless and dedicated to gettign the job done he could be serving with a rebel or  Royalist regualr army unit. But whichever one – his enemies and underlings better watch out!

Joe Sullivan & Franky Cook (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) as American aid shipments try to get to worn torn Britain they can come under attack by ‘pirate’ submarines when here they are prone to bandit theft and corruption. To protect these shipments mercenaries (perhaps hired by the Wayne Foundation? see last Alfies cameos post) could be hired. including the Sky Captain. 

Lord Peter Flint A spy character from Warlord comic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warlord_(DC_Thomson – a kind of 1940s Scarlet Pimpernell. In the VBCW context I can see him as a Anglcian League agent both spying and also helping get refugees out of BUF clutches.

If you’ve got any ideas twitter me or email dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk

Lee is a very clever fellow as well as an excellent podcast and blog http://smallpressbigmouth.blogspot.com/ he also draws and knows more about war comics than I ever will.


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