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Reidston: A Home fit for heroes – The Reidston Rangers (My 4 colour supers background) MSH RPG

Here are some ideas I had from Reidston local super team expressed in the marvel system – if anyone wants to have a go at drawing these….I’d be very grateful.


Fighting REMARKABLE      AgilityREMARKABLE      strength      REMARKABLE
Endurance REMARKABLE  ReasonGOOD        intuition      REMARKABLE
psyche   GOOD Health120  Karma50 


Adamantium Bat has a bat that hits for +1 level damage (in his case Incredible.)

Adamantium Protective Kit helmet, box, body armour and pads gives Incredible protection against damage.

Cricket Bag – contains balls, stumps, medical kit etc;

The Cricketmobile a white Austin Martin


The Seven Sages can summon and consult the seven ages of Cricket for advice (WG Grace, Don Bradman, Brian Close, Wes Hall, Derek Jardine, KS Ranjitisinhji and Ritchie Benaud (even though Ritchie Benaud isn’t dead…) for help and advice.


Cricketer : Has incredible abilities with bat (including in combat), ball (throwing, catching and bowling,) and running. Also has  an Amazing knowledge  of cricketing trivia and test grounds.


Has excellent contacts with the ICC, English Cricket Board, Reidstonshire County Cricket Club, Sky Sports, the BBC, Test Match Special, Fleet Street Cricket Correspondents and the Reidstonshire Police.

Resources Has remarkable resources. 

Bitten by a radioactive Ian Botham former star of the Reidstonshire Cricket Club Bert Wrinkley developed special powers and took to a life of crime fighting. Strange, as Botham was unchanged by the incident after receiving medial attention. Beefy also bit a rival cricketer who became the All Rounder’s arch rival – The Bounder!



Fighting  remarkable  Agilityincredible        strength      incredible 
EnduranceIncredible  Reasonincredible  intuition      remarkable
Psyche   remarkable  Health150  Karma100    


ICE POWERS can generate ice with amazing ability including blasts of icicles, an ice path to sledge along and make defensive walls. She is vulnerable to heat however only have excellent endurance against heat attacks.


Musician remarkable singing and instruments.

Holy orders remarkable knowledge of the liturgy, organisation and theology of Catholic Church. 



Has remarkable contacts amongst the Reidston Catholic Diocese, various homeless charities (i.e. the Big Issue) and the homeless. Has excellent contacts with other Christian groups and Good with other faith groups in Reidston through interfaith schemes.

Resources Good 

Sister Assumpta was working one late night at a homeless shelter when some leery drunk thugs came in to beat up the tramps. Under stress her mutant ice powers came to the fore and she was able protect her charges from the bullies. With approval of her Bishop she uses her powers to protect the public and publicise the public mission of the Catholic Church. 


Fighting  AMAZING   agility  AMAZING   StrengthEXCELLENT       
EnduranceRemarkable ReasonINCREDIBLE        IntuitionINCREDIBLE       
Psyche   INCREDIBLE Health150  Karma120


Hypnotism can hypnotise snakes with amazing ability.


Martial Arts Amazing

Escape Artist/Yoga Amazing

Police/Espionage Skills Incredible

Journalist Incredible



Has Incredible contacts within Readstone’s Indian Community and Excellent ones within the Pakistani/Bangladeshi Community.  Known to enjoy a special relationship with Ravi Patel, Crime Correspondent of the Morning Bugle.

Resources Good  

ORIGIN Apparently a 3rd generation British Indian granted the powers of a Mongoose by Hindu deities to protect the public. Often has good natured religious debates with Sister Sledge.



fighting  Incredible  agility          remarkable strength      Monstrous
EnduranceAMAZING reason  good      IntuitionExcellent       
psyche   Remarkable Health195  Karma60 


Claws – can do Unearthly clawing damage.

Roar – victims must make Psyche roll against remarkable fear or flee in terror.

Fur – has Amazing protection against cold and remarkable damage against other forms of damage.


Climbing – Amzing ability to climb

Swimming – Incredible ability to swim.

Fishing – is a Remarkable skilled fisherman

Lumberjack – remarkable level of skill

Naturalist – excellent level of skill


Has excellent skills with Canadian Consulate and good contacts with the Readstoneshire Police.

Resources Good

ORIGIN Canadian naturalist and former lumberjack Ted McCully was savaged by a Grizzly driven made by ingesting an industrial pollutant  Federostimancimede. He developed special bear powers. He has moved to Reidston with his girlfriend Shirley Tarrant who is studying here. He initially became a crime fighting partner of the Mighty Mongoose and both joined the Reidston Rangers at The All Rounder’s invitation.  


SHEE-NA : The Elf princess

Fighting amazing   agility          amazing   strength      excellent
EnduranceExcellent Reasonexcellent      intuition      amazing
psyche   amazing Health140  Karma120 


Fey Folk – can summon hordes of tiny faries for spying or to swarm on villains but doesn’t like them to get hurt.

Flight – can fly with amazing speed and ability.

Elf Speech – can talk to plants and animals.


Elf Shot – has a bow and arrows that does remarkable damage.

Silver Fang – a magic sword that does incredible damage.

Elven Mail – gives her remarkable protection from manage. 



She has Unearthly contacts in the land of the fey folk but can only contact them when a window to the fairy world  is open.

Resources good in the Human world, Monstrous in the land of the fey folk.

Accidentally summoned some drunken students who mispronounced a spell Sheena went on a confused rampage before captured by the All Rounder. Eventually accepting this world and her exile here she has joined the Reidston Rangers to make amends.

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