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Reidston – A Home fit for Heroes the Villan list (MSH)

Here’s a list of villan ideas for this background I’m going to treat this as an art project and do villans individual entries as I go along – obviously some are influenced by already existing suppers and villans in commerical published worlds but hopefully I can put my spin on then. 

  1. Bast                                                                
  2. The Professionals (The Accountant, Bank Manager, HR Consultant & IT)
  3. The Pole
  4. The Henchman
  5. Mr Punch Judy & The Crocodile
  6. Rumpunzel (how spelt?)
  7. Herr Koptelkopf (face changing German.)
  8. Critic (damming powers of criticism)
  9. Missus Tiggywinkle (environmental campaigner?)
  10. Wolfen
  11. Yankee Doodle Dandy (draws opponents? Has a pony?)
  12. Forward (footballer,) & Coach & Commentator (awoken from deep freeze angry at commercialisation?) (Forward is but Coach & Commentator actually using mind control device…using his activities to cover thefts of football memorabilia)
  13. The Tweed Lapel (campaigning for civilisation.)
  14. Rudeboy
  15. Gog and Magog
  16. Gawain
  17. Hashisheen (dope & mystical powers with paramilitary training…)
  18. Oliphant
  19. Peresus (trying to become king what heroes do…)
  20. Hereward the Wake and his band
  21. Delta Four Zero (Disgruntled super soldier campaigner)
  22. Leprechaun, (ex IRA.)
  23. The Bounder (All Rounder’s nemesis)
  24. Protocol (?)
  25. Monkey!
  26. Count Von Shreck (vamp aka Nosferatu)
  27. Kitsume (spelling?)
  28. Huntsmen (fox hunter!) and Hounds (bioengineered man dogs!) vigilante/nuisance
  29. Armourer (equipped the Huntsmen with shields etc;)
  30. Fire-eater
  31. Atomicon (hulk type.)
  32. Tarka (otter powers…)
  33. Houri
  34. Nike
  35. The Boxing Kangeroo & Cuddly Koala – the Oz thieving duo
  36. Sir Ted Roughdiamond (Sid James as British Lex Luthor.)
  37. Talon (Wolverine meets Ironman.)
  38. Lord Titbury (Lord Peter Whimsey meets Lex Luthor)
  39. Kraken (sea beast – water equivalent of Swamp thing.)
  40. Lighthouse (brick cum lazer beams.)
  41. The Thug (Neo Nazi hulk)
  42. Hooligan (Irish ubermensch thief.)
  43. The Goths (Brian the Vampire, Heavy Bass, Winklepickers, Queen Wicca, Ubergothette.)
  44. Ogun (African Dr Doom.)
  45. Robin Hood
  46. Big Jimmy (Scots nationalist)
  47. Devil Bunny
  48. Vang the Invincible (would be alien conqueror)
  49. Organised Crime Types…(yardies, Bhanti(?), Indigs (The Grendel Brothers,) Triads, East Europeans)
  50. Dr Who Aliens
  51. The Master
  52. The Sheede (Puck, Bottom, Tinkerbell, Herne the Hunter, the Tooth Fairy)
  53. Fahrenheit
  54. Alternative world versions of the PCs
  55. The B Team (Caesar Jones, Howling Mad Murdo, T.A. Tiberius, Arse ?)
  56. Berserk (Viking brick)
  57. Orc (anarchist terrorist influenced by William Blake…)
  58. The Rat Pack (rodents with 50s style and TMNT like skills named after famous German composers – Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Handel.) Use guns, flamethrowers etc; as well. Have a sensei who is naturally a Turtle – Snapper.

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