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Reidston – Sir Ted Roughdiamond (MSH)

Sir Ted is a well known bon vivant millionaire running a vast number of businesses in the UK particularly in the Reidston area where he has his country pile and owns local newspapers, the football club, sits of the board of the county cricket club and is a major employer.

Sir Ted is well known for turning up at charity functions and film premiers with a beauty of three on his arms. His ‘wiflets’ past and present all speak with great tenderness about the great man. He is also famous as the star of  ‘The Trainee’ business reality TV as well as a ‘Troll’ on investment show ‘Troll’s bridge’ where would be entrepreuners pitch for funding. His famous dirty laugh is also much parodied by impressionists and he’s a talk show favourite as well as a series regular on the Maximium Gear driving show.

Born in backstreets of London of South African Jewish parents Sir Ted as Theodore Ruffstien made his money through selling electronic components before dominating the early home computer market in the 1980s with his Roughstone PCs. Uncovering his genealogy he found a claim to the Reidstone baronetcy and moved there when he made his first £10 million.

It is not on public record Sir Ted hates superbeings generally and heroes in particular. Close sources before they suffered an accident or two might have said that having grown up in the East End that Sir Ted has a natural suspicion of men in uniform and ones that proclaim they’re working for the public good more specially.

Sir Ted is also a very rough businessman. While he will always ensure that a victim leaves with a smile on their face he can he is not above bribery, corruption, industrial espionage, tax evasion, creative accountancy and even murder if necessary for business. However he is also ingenious and manages to clock these activities so that the authorities have not one iota of suspicion about him. He does not get involved in normal crime but will support anti-supers groups but behind the scenes.

Fighting GOOD Agility TYPICAL        Strength GOOD
Endurance GOOD Reason REMARKABLE    intuition      REMARKABLE







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