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MECH ATTACK – Laitu & Zaitu against giant killer robots from outerspace.

This scenario came out of us having many AK-47 republic figures and a few SF ones. However looking back on it why do aliens always attack the developed world – surely, logically invading a lower tech, war torn region where you can recurit you local auxillairies from resistance movement, secure raw materials and have defeat the locals more easily makes sense?

Combined Earth forces of Laitu and Zaitu

As dawn breaks over a small insignificant border town a report from a militia recon unit reaches the slumbering ears of the commanding officer .

Not being a man to be taken for a fool he immediately put’s the entire recon patrol on a charge .

“Giant Robots indeed”, Just at that moment the ground begins to shake and the light from the sun is obscured by something very, very big.

The town is called Lay-bu-tu.


The county Laitu


Zaitu ever alert to dangers have their own recon units on the ground .Immediately phone lines between Zaitu and Laitu light up – their Presidents negotiating a united strike force.



Town Militia on table

Mortars x2


X1 Field gun

2xbtr50 8 inf

1x Technical

1x AA Vehicle

1 old Tank

2x RR



Laitu reserves (REGULARS)

3x T55 R   Tank Regt

3x BMP1 Professional  Guards Armoured Regt

3XBTR60 +INF R Motor Rifles Regiment  

Laitu special forces 2x Truck 8x INF (All equipped with RPG)   Spetnaz

Laitu special forces 1 Helicopter 4 INF (All equipped with RPG) Parachute Regiment


Zaitu Forces REGULARS

Recon unit 2x Panhards x2 jeeps Hussar du Zaitu

4X MIAI +INF  1ieme Regiemnt de Char

3X APC + INF Infantrie Mechaniste

3X MBT 2ieme Regiment de Char

Zaitu Special Forces (Professionals) Infantrie de Parachutise

X2 Helicopters x8 INF (Two separate units all equipped with LAWS)

X1 Attack Helicopter.




Further forces of Earth


Seraph Delta Mech

Dark Angel Mech

Storm Hawk Mech

Kamen Panzer Mech

All Mechs have 2 d6 +3 damage Plasma canons ( may attack twice )

-3 to hit

Movement 3d6x3 may use half move, to jump obstacle of half distance in height.


3 Units Purifier Battle armour + 1 dmg -1 to hit , move d6+3

2 Units Battle suits Red Squad +1 dmg -1 to hit , move d6+3

2 Units Battle suits Green Squad +1 dmg -1 to hit, move d6+3

1 Battle suit +1dmg -1 to hit. 1 Super Battle suit (+1 dmg -2 to hit)

3x Exotic Battle suit

Zeta Squad

A company 2 infantry squads + Hover Bike

B company 2 infantry squads + Shandra advanced scout vehicle

2x Marksman Tanks x2 Attacks +2 dmg -2 to hit

1x Ripper Tank x2 Attack +2 dmg -2 to hit (all move as per normal tank)

1x Stationary Gun Range 60 inches +2 dmg (uses orbital guidance system)

2x Hover Launchers 2d dmg uses (orbital guidance system) moves 3x3d6

(Double 4 roll may use Orbital Strike 3d6)


So far the invaders have only taken 3 casualties (tanks and an infantry – mainly from SF attack.)  All but a couple of miltia have been destroyed (and the surivviors are  sitting under mechs letting rip with their AKs amd FN FALs but doing no damage) with the invader infantry invested in the town.

Of the reserves many casaulties have been taken but 2 of actual Mechs have broken down and are now sitting ducks (sitting ducks with tank shells bouncing off them but still.) The attack chopper arrived but was destroyed by an orbitals trike. Neither of the local airforces have turned up (must be dog-fighting starfighters somewhere.)

Personally (and I’m commanding the Earthers) I think I’ll need some REAL luck to win this one.


Earth forces score a rare hit! Viva Zaitu! Up the Revolution Laitu!


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