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MECH ATTACK! Victory for Earth

The Earth forces clinching victory

After all my whining next week amazingly I managed to turn it around in the forces of Laitu and Zaitu (see AK-47 above) versus the invading mecha forces.

I would love to claim this was due to superior tactics and admittedly my tanks kept their distance and the RLAW armed special forces rushed in and did a lot of damage but…it was a victory of attrition. The hitting forces of Jims forces meant that once one was gone it was a big chunk out of his firepower and fighting a battle on 2 fronts really weakened him. I was also helped by the Laitu and Zaitu airforces turning up in the last few turns and that Jim’s hover artillery never came on as reinforcements. Still it was good edge of the seat stuff with a battle that swung one way and then the other. The Africans did lose a lot of infantry and APCs int he battle but saved most of the tanks.

Questions now is as both sides have caputured alien tech who do they sell it off too? The Russians ? The Americans? Super-villans? World-domination organisations?

Just the one photo it was too much of a humdinger.

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