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RBI 1 – Spaceships go BOOM!

(RBI stands for Revolutionary Bsicuits of Italy)

In the early stages of the Bourboni- Garabaldi War  the Royal Bourboni Navy stole into unoccupied territory in a series of bald moves.

The Garabaldi Republican Navy on the other hand made a feint into Marinara with the 1st Task Force and then moved the unit to Gnocci where it encountered the Bourboni Task Force F40 under Vice Admiral Macchiato.

The Bourboni Vice-Admiral poured a slug of Grappa into his Coffee and started to manoeuvre this fleet out of the gravity well leaving a small garrison of the Laguarni on the colony.

The RBN Task Force F40 consisted of

1 Heavy Cruiser Tricoloure

1  Light Cruiser Eugenio di Savoia

2 Destroyers Fulme, Lampo


Destroyers in foreground then the Eugenio & finally the Tricoloure

The GRN 1st Task Force consisted of

1 Battle Cruiser Garabaldi  

1 Heavy Cruiser Trento

1  Light Cruiser Striker

2 Destroyers Euro, , Impavido


Right to left - the Striker, Garabaldi (both grey), Impavido, Trento and Euro.

The Battle Curise rmeant the Bourboni force was severed outgunned. To try and avoid this Macchiato first split his forces. First his light Cruiser and Destroyer took one tack while the Tricoloure took another. Then as the fleets closed the destroyers attempted a holding action while the Eugenio di Savoia turned and ran.

Attempting to split the attackers


In a brief firefight both destroyers of the RBN where destroyed though they managed between them to blow up the Impavido The Tricoloure from behind the 1st Task Force and at great range made some long range ineffective shots while the fleeing  Eugenio di Savoia took fire from the Garabaldians.

Royalist Destroyers of Bourboni, you have nothing to lose but your oxygen, crews and structural integrity...


Vice Admiral Franco of the GRN was not prepared to split his forced and proceeded to chase down and destroy the Eugenio di Savoia which enabled the Tricoloure to escape.

Kill the Eugenio! Kill the Eugenio! Kill the Eugenio! (all together opera style)


The system is firmly in Garabaldian hands – the Tricoloure has escaped system and the Bourboni newscasts talk of unprovoked attacks and piracy by the Garabaldians. Meanwhile  Frnaco has landed Marina Riflemen of the San Marco Division to fight the Laguarni left by Macchiato.

However the Bournbini are occupying 3 of the border colonies to Garabaldis one….



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